Miss Matamis : Smorkies and Dirty Harry

Having a sweet tooth is not a problem When in Manila. In fact, all your sweet cravings are available online!

Yes, even food can be ordered online nowadays. I am also new to this concept, but don’t worry, Miss Matamis  has got all of us covered.

Miss Matamis has catered my first ever purchase of desserts online. Just a basic tip, when buying food online always remember that sometimes shipping is not an option. This is mainly because the owners would like your food to be safe and stored, miles away from spoiling. Just like Miss Matamis , most online shops who sell food do meet-ups.

Miss Matamis 1

Miss Matamis desserts come in different flavors and sizes

If you’re wondering Miss Matamis is named as such because Gigi Patrimonio, the owner and baker behind it, sell desserts and sweets. The desserts that caught my attention first were Dirty Harry and Smorkies. Funny thing about Miss Matamis is that most of the sweets they sell are original ideas from her relatives.  For example, “Dirty Harry” is named after her husband “Harry” while the smorkie is an idea from Miss Matamis‘ sister, materialzed to what they now sell.

Miss Matamis 2

Miss Matamis: Dirty Harry 
8” round cake- P550
Loaf- P250
Cupcake- P65

The “Dirty Harry” is a rich and moist chocolate cake topped with caramel icing. Amazing this cake is. Given that caramel and chocolate are both strong sweet flavors, Miss Matamis managed to make her recipe balanced and came up with a very light and sweet combination for both. Nothing’s too overpowering and a bite of this will make you eat more.

It’s simply delightful. I recommend you eat it cold.

Miss Matamis 3

The “Dirty Harry” is a rich and moist chocolate cake topped with caramel icing

The next dessert I ordered from Miss Matamis is their unique “Smorkie”. It’s a mash-up of a cookie and a s’more and is best eaten after heated for 10-15 seconds.

Miss Matamis 4

Miss Matamis : Smorkies

As mentioned earlier, the “smorkie” was just an idea from Miss Matamis‘ sister. After gathering the recipe, she whipped it up to these yummy sweets in an instant!

Miss Matamis 5

Miss Matamis: Smorkies





The smorkie is one of the best sellers of Miss Matamis. Aside from the fact they come in mouthwatering flavors such as Nutella, Oreo, Strawberry Cheesecake Red Velvet, Cookie Butter, Reese’s ; they’re are also very chewy and gooey! It’s the perfect marriage of cookie and marshmallow.


Miss Matamis 6

Cut through a smorkie and you’ll see how compact it is.

Miss Matamis 7

Heat it for a little while and you’ll achieve this gooey goodness in your mouth. For starters, try the Red Velvet smorkie, it’s divine.

My first ever online dessert purchase from Miss Matamis  was definitely a good one. The smorkies and Dirty Harry Cake are something I constantly crave nowadays. I’ve recently introduced them to my sisters and their crazy about them as well. Miss Matamis was a good first!

Miss Matamis 9

Go ahead and try the Smorkies and Dirty Harry of Miss Matamis.

Miss Matamis also specializes in baking hand- made and custom- made wedding/birthday cakes and souvenirs. Miss Gigi Patrimonio, a cake artist with a heart, will assure you that your cake, whether it be glamorous, whimsical, classic or funky; will make it something worth remembering.

Miss Matamis 8

When in Manila, Miss Matamis is available online.

If you’re curious with the rest of their sweets and desserts, browse through their facebook page and see for yourself!


Miss Matamis Bakeshop
 3600 Durango Street, Palanan, Makati City, 1235
8341657; 09175358337; fax: (02)5519409
Email add: missmatamis@ymail.com


Miss Matamis : Smorkies and Dirty Harry