Miss Jamaica Speaks Up on Her “Filipina Heritage”

Miss Jamaica Speaks Up on Her “Filipina Heritage”


 Miss Jamaica Speaks Up on Her Filipina Heritage


Yesterday morning, every Filipino tuned in to watch the live proceedings of the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant, where our very own Mary Jean Lastimosa competed with 87 other contestants. Sadly, MJ only placed in the Top 10, breaking a four-year streak of placing in the Top 5. But just when Filipinos were about to focus on work (it was a Monday morning), they continued to watch to support another contestant: the fiercely beautiful short-haired Kaci Fennell of Jamaica. Social media was abuzz with comments about her beauty and intelligence, and everyone felt that she had the crown. Except she didn’t.

Kaci ended up taking the 5th place crown, a title that reverberated through the audience. When she was announced as the 4th-runner up (Paulina Vega of Colombia eventually won Miss Universe), the Miss Universe crowd could be heard booing. Turns out she didn’t only captivate Filipinos but everyone around the world. But why was she a hit in the Philippines? Could it be because she’s half-Filipino? That’s what The Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo suggests.

According to his column today:


Kaci Fennell is a model and student from Kingston, Jamaica. She won the Jamaica’s Next Top Model contest where she had been the Judges’ favorite to win owing to her exotic mixed racial features. She has Jamaican, African and Filipino roots. After winning the title, she said in an interview that she owes her success to her mother’s support. “I still can’t believe, I have finally won (the contest). I am really thankful to my mother. She had always supported me and guided me through out the contest, she was herself a beauty pageant contestant in her home country the Philippines. She had instilled her Filipino values in me and told me to always be humble, I guess that’s what helped me win.


Miss Jamaica Speaks Up on Her Filipina Heritage 2


But the thing is… she’s not. Kaci answered this question six months ago on Instagram, when a follower asked her if she had Filipino roots. She replied with:


Thanks for bringing that to my attention. But I am a born and bred Jamaican with French, Indian, English and black roots. Both my parents are Jamaican as well.


What do you think? Does it look like she has Filipino blood? Share your thoughts below!


Miss Jamaica Speaks Up on Her “Filipina Heritage”

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