*Giveaway Close* Misa: Paint Your Digits the Right Way

WHEN IN MANILA, accessories can turn a meh outfit into an instant head turner. While most stylistas turn to beautiful bags from Alt Manila  and shoes from Shoes by Kai for an instant perk up, one accessory that people tend to overlook is the nail polish! As Lauren Conrad says, “It’s a great way to play with color without committing in a bigger way.”

When I’m not out with my family or friends on a Saturday night, I usually pop in a Sex and the City DVD and paint my nails. I’m not very picky when it comes to the brand of my nail polishes. But recently, I’ve been obsessed with Misa nail polishes for two reasons: their colors are rich and fantabulous and very easy to apply!




Misa’s High Society Collection is perfect for the rainy season. While there are six colors in the collection, these three hues stood out for me.




I absolutely love Misa’s Bourbon on the Rocks. I love the vampy almost black shade of red. We’re so used to seeing women with fiery red digits so seeing this kind of shade is very refreshing.




Misa’s Tailored Taupe from their High Society Collection is a rich chocolate brown hue. I’m a huge fan of black nail polishes, but I guess it’s time to switch things up with Misa’s Tailored Taupe.




Misa’s Breakaway spells regal best! I can’t wait to try on this rich purple hue.



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