MINT College Celebrates IT/CS Week 2017: “Press Start To Play by Geek Force”





Meridian International College celebrates IT/CS Week 2017 and it will be hosted by Geek Force (An Organization of Information Technology and Computer Science Students) for students and attendees. This event, titled Press Start to Play by Geek Force, will attract over 300 students of MINT College.

Last year, IT/CS week drew 250 attendees for the activities and workshops that have been conducted by the organization the whole week. For this upcoming event, there would be more activities and workshops for attendees to participate in such as an augmented reality workshop, a virtual reality experience, an HTML5 workshop, a console gaming station, a showcase of projects by IT/CS students and the most awaited Counter Strike: Global Offensive game tournament where teams are formed and trained for the main event.

The companies that sponsor the event will have the opportunity to host a booth at the event to display products in addition to being listed on all advertising and press.

About IT/CS Week

IT/CS Week 2017 is formed by Meridian International College- Geek Force (An Organization of Information Technology and Computer Science Students).

It was formed and celebrated to showcase what Information Technology and Computer Science is all about. Exciting activities and workshops are organized and to be expected in the event.

For further information on MINT College’s IT/CS Week 2017, contact one of the students who represent the Information Technology and Computer Science of MINT College:

Joy Toledo

            Mobile:            09273800971


Aeriel Matthew Cruz:

            Mobile:            09199974140



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