Millie Bobby Brown is set to play the iconic super sleuth Enola Holmes!

Millie Bobby Brown has no doubt been basking in the light from her fantastic role in Stranger Things and it looks like her star is just about to shine even brighter. Our favorite Stranger Things starlet has just landed a huge role as Sherlock Holmes’ little sister, Enola Holmes!

This thirteen-year-old is set to star as the titular character of Nancy Springer’s novels which will be translated onto the big screen in a series of films. Enola is the much younger little sister of Mycroft and Sherlock who dedicates herself to solving mysteries in her own right. Young and spirited, the fourteen-year-old Enola refuses to become a “proper lady” (as Mycroft prefers) and, instead, proves her sleuthing skills. While Enola is 20 years younger than her famous older brother, she proves that she is just as capable a detective as he is.

Enola Holmes cover

The Nancy Springer novels were geared towards young adults, borrowing elements and characters from the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories.

Many characters that we are now familiar with make appearances in the novels including, of course, Sherlock, Mycroft, Dr. Watson, and even Inspector Lestrade.

We have no doubts that she will wow as Enola, her roots in the sci-fi horror series Stranger Things has also given her some glimpse into the world of mystery thrillers. This world of detective work and uncovering mysteries must come second nature to her by now. After all, the intricate secrets of Hawkins, Indiana are already being picked apart by her and her friends.

We can’t wait to know more about these films and when they’re coming out! Millie Bobby Brown is sure to wow us!

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