Have a Milk Tea ParTEA at Home with These Big Bottles and DIY Kits

Love milk tea? Is one cup simply not enough? Whether you simply love milk tea, want to serve milk tea to your entire family, or want to have a stock of milk tea to last you for a few days; these stores offer products that won’t just satisfy your milk tea cravings, but also add some fun into the mix at the same time.

Have a Milk Tea ParTEA at Home with These Big Bottles and DIY Kits

Easy Brand PH (@easybrandph)


Having some serious milk tea cravings and can’t go out? Easy Brand has got you covered. Enjoy their supply of powdered mixes and flavored syrups that they will deliver to you, so you can create several liters of milk tea at home as if you have your own tea shop.

They provide all of the ingredients you might need to concoct different milk tea flavors in massive quantities. Some of their bestsellers include Okinawa, Wintermelon, and Brown Sugar. They take pride in their locally-sourced products that offer a taste profile and quality known to compete with imported ingredients.

Oh My Tea (@ohmyteaph)



Oh My Tea (OMT) opened its first standalone store on July 18, 2018 in the hipster street of Maginhawa, Quezon City. Following the strong demand from consumers, they have since expanded to more than 10 stores and counting nationwide. Now, they offer ‘by the liter’ milk tea drinks that can serve up to five regular cups (with ice) with free separately packed sinkers. This is perfect if you want to share milk tea at home.

OMT’s flavors are based on what customers often go for, like wintermelon, original blend, and taro. However, they have also included some new favorites, like dulce de leche and dark chocolate, so you have more options to choose from. đŸ™‚ As for the fruit teas, they are also well-loved flavors, and exciting flavors like passion fruit, kiwi, and raspberry.

OMT specializes in both Thai and Taiwanese drinks and they guarantee that they use 100% premium ingredients from Thailand and Taiwan. They only brew their teas on demand, preparing them 15 minutes prior to pickup or delivery. The procedure in creating the drinks are also based on tradition, so you can be assured that each cup is as authentic as the ones you can get abroad.

CYO Milk Tea (@cyomilktea.ph)


CYO Milk Tea DIY Kit

Photo from CYO Milk Tea

Craft-Your-Own Milk Tea was created by Julienne and Isabelle Atienza, an idea that came from their obsession with tea. Before the government-imposed lockdown, these sisters would usually get milk tea at least four times a week. “So, when they declared the Enhanced Community Quarantine, it sort of felt like we were experiencing milk tea withdrawal symptoms,” Julienne laughs. Jokes aside, they really missed having their milk tea fix, so they started ordering different types of teas, toppings, and syrups online – mostly directly from suppliers in Taiwan because they wanted to have the real thing at home.

They really enjoyed experimenting, mixing and matching, and generally just trying out new flavors that they ended up making the option to make authentic milk tea drinks at home available to everybody else. Now, you can safely enjoy milk tea at home instead of going out to get it. This is perfect if you are looking for a fun activity to do at home with your kids or siblings.

Another reason why they opted to sell DIY kits is because they know how scary it is for some people to trust other people with anything they choose to consume during the pandemic. Since CYO’s milk tea kits are all pre-packaged, you can have more peace of mind by preparing and assembling your milk tea yourself. Make sure to try their ready-to-drink Yakult Milk Tea, as well; which is light, creamy, and refreshing! (P.S. They deliver to Quezon City on Tuesdays for free!)


IMG 0812 scaled

What started as a way to earn some extra income has turned into a full-fledged business that caters to Filipinos’ love for celebrations and gatherings. Gallontea started as a home-based business last 2019 but has finally opened its first physical store in Makati. Read more about their first physical store here.

As their name suggests, Gallontea delivers milk tea by the gallon, as well as snacks that are sure to be a hit at home. Each gallon is brewed to order with the best imported ingredients to ensure freshness and quality. It’s the perfect choice for your next pot luck, house party gift, or celebration.

(WATCH our video challenge of drinking Gallontea here.)

Project Elephant (@project.elephant)



Project Elephant started in November 2019 when a group of friends joined Ateneo De Manila Univeristy‘s JSEC Challenge with their Thai food stall called Elephant Express. During the week-long event, dozens of food stalls battled it out to win a spot at the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center for the following year. There, they made traditional Thai meals that got sold out everyday. However, it was their authentic Thai milk tea that people really kept coming back for.

Although they didn’t win the challenge, they realized that the opportunities outside of school were far too great to pass up on, and that rejection should not hinder them from striving for success. They focused on their best-selling Thai milk tea, setting up stalls in any event that they could join. Now, they offer their Thai milk tea by the liter online for delivery.

Project Elephant brews their Thai milk tea on the morning of delivery, so you can expect nothing but the best quality. It is best served when chilled and poured over a glass of ice, but you can also turn it into a shake or even into ice candy! đŸ˜‰ I lived in Bangkok for seven years, so trust me when I say that this tastes exactly like the ones in Thailand – and that’s because they use imported Thai tea leaves for their tea. You need to try it!

Know of any other stores that offer huge amounts of milk tea? Share them with us! đŸ™‚

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