Miley Cyrus is Back with a New Video, ‘Malibu’

I used to be a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan. And by HUGE, I mean I even went so far as get a boy cut and bleach my hair. I loved her rebellious phase and loved every single song she released back in those days. Aside from the occasional news about Miley Cyrus, though, she has mostly kept quiet for the past few years. Well, now, she is finally back with a new video for her song ‘Malibu’, where we get a glimpse of a different side of Miley.

In the video, we see Miley in pigtails, frolicking around in different landscapes and she looks absolutely adorable. That aside, she also gives us some major travel video goals. I love everything about the video. Plus, the song is really nice, too. It sounds different – not the kind of Miley I fell in love with a few years ago – but still catchy and something I would probably keep listening to as time goes by.

Check out her new video here:

What do you think of Miley’s current look and her new video? 🙂