Midnight Jam 2018: An Open Mic Night


Conquered, bound and pressed. When juggling a lot of matters such as academics, commitments and personal life, maybe once or twice we ask ourselves, “Am I still in control?”

The Rhetoricians: The UPLB Speech Communication Organization proudly brings Midnight Jam 2018: An Open Mic Night. This annual event is an avenue to let out all stress and feel passion resurge again through a night of poetry, music and dance. Featuring performances from the organization’s members, local bands, and aspiring artists, this will undoubtedly be the midnight of a lifetime. Step into the spotlight and give yourself a chance to take on the stage. For just Php 150, inclusive of snacks and free-flowing drinks, breathe in the air of fervor and take your ticket to this meaningful moment.

So rise up. Own the stage. Own the night. This April 26, 2018, 7 PM at the 77 Grove Events Place, feel unstoppable, invincible even, and refuel your life again.

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