Microsoft Is Retiring Internet Explorer

Oh Internet Explorer, browser of our vintage internet years, you will be missed… or not.

Microsoft just announced that they are retiring the Internet Explorer browser with the launch of Windows 10, according to The Verge!

internet explorer retire

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Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela reportedly announced the notorious web browser’s replacement: Project Spartan.

While the name is most likely to change, Microsoft also announced some features that will come with Project Spartan, such as a more streamlined layout, a personal web assistant named Cortana (yes, from the Halo games!) a special reading mode, and annotation tools that can work hand-in-hand with keyboards and pens, according to the report.

Windows Cortana

Sounds interesting! While Internet Explorer has had trouble the past years shaking off its negative image as a has-been browser with poor security and speed, time can only tell if Project Spartan will change all that and prove itself to be mighty.

Do you remember using Internet Explorer?? Will you use Project Spartan when it comes out?


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