Microsoft Co-Founder Discovers Legendary Japanese World War II Battleship in the Philippines

This may just be history in the making. 

Japanese World War II battleship found in Philippines 2

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen just announced that he found one of Japan’s most famous and largest battleships near the Philippines, according to a CNN report.

This is a search spearheaded by Paul Allen, that took him and his team eight years.

The Microsoft co-founder posted photos on Twitter showing the Musashi, reportedly once one of the two largest warships in the world. The discovery was also said to be made aboard his superyacht, the MY Octopus, as part of an expedition that Allen launched, one kilometer deep on the Sibuyan sea floor.

Japanese World War II battleship found in Philippines

Apparently, Paul also used his Twitter account to publicize this huge discovery. Apparently, one tweet showed the bow of the ship in one photo, featuring a distinctive chrysanthemum– the emblem of Japan’s royal family, and a huge anchor.

Even the director of Japan’s Kure Maritime Museum also reportedly said that it was very likely that the vessel was the Musashi, although more photos were needed in order to make sure.

The Musashi sank on October 24, 1944, during the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, that was part of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The report says that according to U.S. Navy documents, torpedo planes from U.S. aircraft carriers scored at least 10 hits on the battleship over the course of four hours, that caused it to sink.

Accordin to the report, over 1,000 crew members aboard the Musashi were killed during the battle and sinking. The 1,300-plus survivors were taken aboard by other Japanese warships.

This would be a great historical finding, significant to our world’s history.

What do you think of Paul Allen discovering a famous Japanese battleship in the Philippines?