Micro-mini Entrepreneurs Set up Shop at Kiddo-preneur


Last November, over 120 micro-entrepreneurs between the ages of 4-17 set up shop – their own “shops” – at the Alabang Town Center’s Activity area for a fun-filled day of selling.

The kids were participants in Kiddo-preneur, a bi-annual event where all the concessionaires are kids (Kiddo-preneurs). In their own specially decorated booths, each sold something different. Some prepared fresh fruit juices, sweets and savories, while others sold hand painted bags, crafts, homemade slime, pencil cases, hand made hair accessories, bracelets, caterpillars, etc.


Through it all, the children engaged with their customers, which were composed of family, friends, and ordinary mall-goers from which they got instant feedback on their products and pricing. And while they were exhausted after a full day of selling, they learned about the value and importance of hard work and perseverance.  Meantime, all the shoppers were happy to support the budding entrepreneurs and in turn, nurture their passion for business.


Kiddo-preneur founder, MaikiOreta says that, “We’re trying to advocate entrepreneurship, a love for it, amongst the Filipino youth. We firmly believe that if we plant the seeds early on, these kids can grow up to become the kind of entrepreneurs the country needs to drive sustainable growth and job generation.”


At the end of the day, to promote healthy competition, awards and trophies were given for the following categories:

Best Booth Design: Miguel & Kayla’s Lemonade Stand

Best Concept: Lizie& Dana’s Kitchen

Best Service: Honey Sweet Treats

Highest Sales: Mixx *Gross sales of – P136,910.00


For more information on future events please contact Kiddo-preneur via www.kiddo-preneur.com or 0947-996-0546.