#MichaelAngelo Goes Onboard Chooks-To-Go’s Kwelavan

It truly is an absolute joy to see inspirational speaker and tv personality Michael Angelo finally partnering up with Chooks-to-Go in his show #MichaelAngelo on GMA News TV, which airs every Saturdays at 3pm. There’s no doubt that this partnership was meant to be since Michael Angelo’s kwela personality matches so well with Chooks-to-Go‘s fun energetic image. Ika nga sa Tagalog, “Swak na swak!”

In #MichaelAngelo’s episode this week, I was thrilled to see Chooks-to-Go‘s Kwelavan being featured wherein their guest Mikael Daez took the challenge of  playing the various Kwelavan  minigames while host Michael Angelo distracted him by asking silly trick questions.

chooks to go 2

 Mikael Daez while playing the Human Tetris mini game

chooks to go 5

Michael Angelo while asking guest Mikael Daez  random hilarious questions during the Kwelavan challenge

chooks to go

The Kwelavan registering Mikael Daez’ figure

chooks to go 4

A look at one of the fun Kwelavan mini games

Seeing the Kwelavan on #MichaelAngelo definitely brought back fun memories of me and my friend Cheryl when she challenged me 2 years ago. Have you experienced playing the fun mini games of Chooks-to-Go‘s Kwelavan? It’s super fun, I swear! It’s actually the only game I play every time I attend our Blogapalooza events!

chooks to go blogapalooza

Me and Cheryl during our 1st ever time to play Chooks-to-Go‘s Kwelavan. I remember winning a whole Chooks-to-Go chicken which I gladly shared with my co-writers!

Going back to Mikael Daez’ Kwelavan challenge on #MichaelAngelo‘s show, he (Mikael) still did his best to score well despite the challenging poses he needed to do, while being distracted by Michael Angelo. The whole segment turned out to be really fun and entertaining!

chooks to go 3

After the Kwelavan challenge, Chooks-to-Go mascots Chikoy and Tom Crew entered the set and gave Mikael Daez exclusive Chooks-to-Go products as his prize! Of course, one of those is the famous roasted chicken that’s masarap kahit walang sauce!

chooks to go 6

Watching the show made me miss the Kwelavan a lot and I really hope to get the chance to play it again soon! I wonder who will take the Kwelavan challenge next week on #MichaelAngelo? I sure would like to see if Michael Angelo himself could perfect all the Kwelavan mini game challenges!


Watch the full video below…

Congratulations to Michael Angelo and Chooks-to-Go for this match-made-in-heaven partnership! Looking forward to seeing more fun Chooks-to-Go activities soon!

Stay tuned for the many surprises that Michael Angelo and Chooks-to-Go have in store for you on TV, online and in all Chooks-to-Go outlets nationwide!

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#MichaelAngelo Goes Onboard Chooks-To-Go’s Kwelavan