Mia Casa: Where Excessorizers Thrive!

WHEN IN MANILA, if there is one thing I love shopping for more than shoes and bags, accessories would be it! One thing my fashion idols Rachel Zoe and Olivia Palermo have in common is their pure love for excessorizing or in plain words, accessorizing to the excess.

Since like my fashion loves, I am a fan of excessorizing since we all know that strong accessories can add a whole lot of character to an otherwise blah outfit, I am always on the hunt for a good accessory haven where I can stop whenever and wherever to turn my meh outfit to a standing ovation worthy one. Lucky me, I heard about Mia Casa, an online accessory haven that sells designer level accessories minus the hefty price tag. Here’s a peek to some of Mia Casa’s accessories that caught my eye.



Left: This simple peace pendant from Mia Casa has Lauren Conrad written all over. I am totally in awe with this cute and chic necklace.

Right: My senior class’ section was Faith. Although college is a ton of fun, I miss my Faithals more than ever. So I like to keep ‘em close to my heart by wearing this Faith necklace from Mia Casa.



Left: I love how Mia Casa amped up a typical cross ring by sprinkling it with a ton of crystals. This ring is totally perfect for the glamorous Catholic like me.

Center: I love how this ring has the vintage feel yet so current at the same time.

Right: While I almost always go for the classic pieces when it comes to my clothing, when it comes to accessories, I allow my 13 year old grungy self to come out. This snake ring from Mia Casa has edgy written all over. I love it!



I’ve always had a deep fascination for charm bracelets. If you have a little peek in my accessory shelf, you’d see a ton of them lying around. But you can’t blame me for falling in love with Mia Casa’s charm bracelet. It has two of my loves in one after all: charm bracelets and hearts.



This is when my 13 year old self and the 18 year old version of me would totally get along and maybe even let out a squeal together. This snake cuff from Mia Casa is so edgy yet so classy and chic at the same time. Love!



This pair of earrings from Mia Casa has such a princessy feel to it. So girly, classy, and chic!



I love big bright and bold necklaces! And this statement necklace from Mia Casa is no exception! Anyone can amp up a plain white tee and denim shorts combo with this necklace.

So if you’re planning to add a few or maybe a whole lot of new accessories in your jewelry box, don’t forget to check out Mia Casa where excessorizers thrive WHEN IN MANILA.

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Mia Casa: Where Excessorizers Thrive!


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