Metro Manila, Rizal, and Cavite To Face Water Interruptions This June

The water level in Angat Dam has once again receded to the point that water services will have to be interrupted for some time. Both Maynilad Water Services Inc. and Manila Water announced on Wednesday, June 19 that water interruptions would now be in effect.

Maynilad released a schedule for the interruptions earlier today. They explained on their Facebook page: “Due to the reduced raw water allocation from Angat Dam, Maynilad is constrained to implement daily rotational water service interruptions starting today, June 19, 2019, throughout its service area to maximize the limited supply and ensure that all customers will have some water supply, even within a few hours daily.”

Maynilad’s full schedule of interruptions is below:


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Manila Water similarly explained that the reduced water allocation would affect their services for a more indefinite amount of time. Their interruptions will cover about 8 to 12 hours at night and already started last June 18. It is unclear if the interruptions are for a set amount of days or for the remainder of June. You may view Manila Water’s interruption schedule below:


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