METRO: A Fundraising Seminar and Concert

We Live in a world of confusion and fear as it creates hindrance from everyone to embrace the realities we face today. Thus, on the very day of October 26, 2019 METRO: Manifesting Excellence Towards Remarkable Opportunities, the most awaited event of De Lasalle University Dasmariñas is bound to fulfill a youthful exuberance for everyone 

METRO is a fundraising event with the beneficiaries of World Vision and One Lasalle Scholarship Program, to give a helping hand for those who are in need. 

This event aims to open a door for opportunities for it is yet to hold an afternoon seminar touching on the following topic; Gender Inclusion

Such Topic is still inevitably circulating around the globe. Now, having James Nicholas, Esabela Suarez, Charlie Villa, and Dr. Gia Sison as the voices of these issues this therefore can help  open the eyes of the youth today. 

As the sun sets and the day slowly turns into night time, Lights will flicker, sounds will blast  volume two of METRO is a Pinoy Music Fest with the performance of Kiyo and Allisson, Join the Club and Orange & Lemons along with Lasallian Pop Band, CBAA Voices, Lasallian Pointes and Flexes, and Neverland. 

Join the Music fest and jam with us for only 250 pesos for College of Business Administration and Accountancy students of De Lasalle University Dasmariñas, and 300 pesos for outsiders.

For more ticket information, visit the social media handles of DLSUD CBAA Student Government:




This event is made possible by: 

Cafe Chui, Ecobites, Sbarro, Buffalo Wings and Things,

Lemon Feels, Belgian Waffles, Bon Appetea, Sausage store, The Warehouse Fitness Studio, Tito’s Barbershop, Encabo Skin Care and Laser, The Boxroom

FranchiseManila,,, Hawkbag, Milas Diner, Slimmers World, Anytime Fitness, KIA, RCBC, Union Bank, Work Bank, Abacus Securities, Lago De Oro, and Light TV, God’s Channel of Blessings

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