Messi to meet with 5-year-old fan who wore a “Lionel Messi” plastic bag jersey

Sometimes, we need to remember that being poor isn’t an excuse to stop dreaming.

Just like how Murtaza Amhadi, a young Afghan boy who wants nothing more than to be like football superstar Lionel Messi, never let their financial condition stop him from imitating his idol. 

Messi Fan

According to reports, Five year-old Murtaza comes from a poor family in the province of Ghazni, and he’s a huge Lionel Messi fan.

With their financial conditions preventing him from getting a real Messi shirt, Murtaza’s brother made him a makeshift “Lionel Messi” jersey made from a plastic bag in the light blue and white colors of the Argentinian national team, and “Messi” and the number “10” written on it in marker pen.

Murtaza instantly became an internet sensation after his brother posted some pictures of him, especially among football fans and the football community.

Messi fan1

With the help of the Afghan Football Federation and the internet, word or Murtaza finally reached Messi and his camp; and they’ve arranged to meet with the young fan! Everyone’s excited to know how the meeting will go.

Do you have a dream that you never stopped chasing despite the conditions too?


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