Meraki: Maidens of Sound

Meraki: Maidens of Sound
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M e r a k i (may-rah-kee; greek) Acting upon with your soul, creativity or love; it is when you put fragments of yourself into your craft or service.
Meraki serves to celebrate Filipino artisans around the world, to bring together diverse craftsmen to collectively share their psyche with the community and to encourage artists to inter twine with different forms and mediums of art.

Our own Filipina blood; Low Leaf is an LA based musician that has returned to her homeland to reconnect with her genesis. Her music will
pull your heartstrings as she performs as a warrior with her grand harp, bedroom beats, rhymes and poetry.

 June Marieezy currently based in Dallas, Texas brewed within the grimes and grit of the underground music scene in Metro Manila 

June returns with the same hopes of identifying with her own. Junes’ soulful and sultry verbalization puts the audience into a trance of serenity.

Dynamic duo reppin’ Cebu; KaaPin is known for unique performances that will literally shower you with confetti, colored blinking lights and hand made owl masks. They create the magic within their live art and their unconventional take on experimental music. 

Brgy. Slur, is a percussion jam frenzy, composed of members of the groovy, love explosive, rock n roll experience known as Wilderness. Brgy. Slur opens the jam to anyone in the crowd willing to jam & jive, creating a burning sensation of a musical orgy.

Chocolate Grass, is the product of sonic alchemy of soul music for and from the spirit. Interweaved earth rhythms within the melodies of the wind and the rumble of thunder. Whispers of dreams that bear stories of death and rebirth. Linked by ubiquitous love and light; with no beginning or end.

Similar Objects, is a pioneer for the new generation of bedroom beat-makers. Similar Objects is referenced to the theory of collective consciousness; which may be assimilated within his cosmic song titles, sacral tuning of 432hz, psychoacoustic and binaural frequencies.

There will be a mini-bazaar at the open gardens of Arts In The City. Psymatic Productions supports the sustainability of local independent businesses that will be selling crafts, hand made items and vintage items such as original vinyl records, dream catchers, jewelry, clay pipes, eco-friendly recyclable lanterns and crafted paintings.

Live painting and live video art will be part of the project to fabricate an experience to touch the difference human senses as they enter the site. Psymatic Productions will be collaborating with traditional painters Micheal Saldana, Ku Romillio, Toff Zapanta and Eleanor Giron. 

Psymatics (Cymatics) is the science of visible sound and vibration, sowing fractal patterns produced by various frequencies. It supports the theory that all life, matter and energy began from sound. Psymatic Productions aims to create an artistic experience that persuades a higher human consciousness, to support the sustainability of independent artisans and to interweave different art forms. 

Psymatic Productions will be have a centerpiece of live installation sound art to allow the audience to experience the study of Psymatics in a personal and direct manner.

Meraki: Maidens of Sound 

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