Men Casually Steal in Broad Daylight from Passing Vehicles Near Luneta

These men were spotted by Ferdinand Cortal along Bonifacio Drive near Luneta. At first they thought that these men were deliberately being given goods by the jeepney full of fruits. They thought they knew each other since the men were just casually getting bananas out of the jeepney.

When they noticed that they smashed the window of the jeep to get the fruits inside, thats when they realized that they were actually stealing these goods and looting from the jeepney in broad daylight. The thieves were not even in a hurry at all nor did they try to hide their faces.

Ferdinand also added that since they were in heavy traffic they also got to steal from other vehicles which passed by this road.

Direct Quote:

Ito po mga magnanakaw sa mga dumadadaan na mga byahero sa bonifacio drive malapit sa circle port area papunta luneta lahat po ng mga dumadaan dyan ninanakawan po nila kahit marami tao nakakakita pakitandaan mga mukha ng mga magnanakaw na ito.

I wonder how could these men get away with something like this and where did they get the confidence to?


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