Meme it to Win it!

1 Meme it To Win it

The University of the Philippines is ready to welcome a whole new batch of freshmen, a number of which have entered the BA Political Science Program along with their batch shiftees and transferees. Since advance kami mag-isip, the University of the Philippines Political Society (UP POLSCi) has prepared “Meme it To Win it!,” a PolSci Freshie, Shiftee and Transferee Event (FST Event) to be held on August 15, 2018 (Wednesday) starting 4:30 PM at Palma Hall Room 207. The event is a light competition-setting, bonding experience for the newest undergraduates of the Department of Political Science, and with our corporate sponsors Chubby Chicken, Trampoline Park, and Orange Segment, participation promises fun prizes in store for winning individuals.

Embracing the lightness of memes, the event aims to make use of popular culture and trends as familiar grounds on which the basics of UP life and of Political Science can best be introduced. UP POLSCi recognizes the importance of meme culture in everyday politics as it touches on deeper social implications and political values. Evident in the “you’re road” meme, what was meant to be a joke turned into a bigger discussion on the premium we put on certain languages and how it manifests into discrimination. Its ability to hit deeper into social issues in just a glance exists in duality with its ability to find humor in the most simple situations.

UP POLSCi always aims to create events that are relevant to its pillars, one of which is political awareness. Through this FST Event, the program aims to deepen this sense of awareness using different minute-long games to test their knowledge of the political material. More than room for healthy competition, this becomes an avenue for FSTs to become more comfortable in their college and with their fellow Political Science majors as they strive to find a sense of home within the larger UP community.

This event is one of the many that the UP Political Society has planned for its 15th Anniversary Celebration themed “Homeward: Rediscovering Affinities.

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