Mellow 94.7 EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes DJ Photo Shoot

Mellow 94.7 just launched their brand new website and the Mellow DJs had to get a photo shoot so we could have some cool pictures on the site. (OK, maybe it’s just a lame reason for us to cam-whore more…)

Either way, it was a total BLAST! Anytime you get this group of crazy folks in the same room, one of two things usually happens: either something breaks, OR you have a lot of fun… then something breaks.

See the exclusive footage of your favorite Mellow 94.7 jocks including Chris and Chloe from the C&C Music Factory, Ryu, Jaypee and Issa from the Men’s Room – Wake-Up Show, Ingrid and Angel from Office Radio, Marco and Indi from Mellow Nights, Moxx and Jaybee from The Weekend Chill, Shayla and Nina from Girl Talk, Kage and Alex from The Twist, Vince G from The G-Spot and Andie from An Affair with Andie.

Anyway, When In Manila, tune in to Mellow 94.7 or listen online at to hear your favorite music being played by your favorite DJs. Also, check out our new website and look out for the exclusive Mellow 94.7 pics from our DJ Photo Shoot!

Thanks to ImageNation for the photography session – and

Also, thanks to our make-up artists:

Ria Redor – 09228745336

Marian Santiago – 09274483111

JC Cantos – 09174315887

Jem Calungcaguin – 09275240763

Mellow 94.7 Exclusive Behind the Scenes DJ Photo Shoot


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