Melissa Mendez Issues Public Apology on Cebu Pac Flight Scuffle

Actress Kicked Out of Plane After 'Punching' Flight Attendant and Co-Passenger 2

After being in the news the past week for being offloaded on a plane that was en route to Pagadian due to an encounter with model-athlete Andrew Wolff and businessman Rey Pamaran over a reserved seat, actress Melissa Mendez issued a public apology via her Instagram page.

Melissa Mendez apology 1

Melissa Mendez apology 2

The apology said:

“In light of the recent incident that involved me and Mr. Rey Pamaran, I would just like to simply apologize for my untoward actions and move on from this. This incident has caused a lot of pain and trouble to me and my family, as well as the other party involved.”

“I am owning up to my mistake. No matter what the reason might be, I had no right to physically hurt Mr. Pamaran. Again, my deepest apologies to Mr. Pamaran and everyone else who have been affected by this.

But it seems as if Rey Pamaran isn’t pleased by this social media apology. In a post on his Facebook page, he said the following:

“I was hoping for a more heartfelt reply, where she would not only apologize but also own up to the lies that she said on TV to defend herself while destroying my reputation. However, in the spirit of Holy Week, I am giving Ms. Mendez one more chance to clear EVERYTHING IN DETAIL, including all the lies that she said about the incident. My lawyer, Atty. Fortun, will be filing the cases tomorrow so I guess that’s about the time that she has left. I think this is not too much to ask. And please do it on TV, because that is where you destroyed my name. Making statements thru social media just adds insult to injury.”

Rey Pamaran also recently filed a P3-million slander case against the actress.

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