MEGA Man Magazine Names Manny Pacquiao Man of the Year

MEGA Man Magazine Names Manny Pacquiao Man of the Year

While our society often demands men to be dignified, strong or capable, he can be all that and more – through his accomplishments and by being simply who he is. Along with H&M and VOLVO, MEGA Man honors exemplary gentlemen who proved to be visionaries and pioneers in their respective fields – all while look their absolute best.

The ultimate men’s fashion magazine of the Philippines launches the annual Men of Style awards event that fêtes the year’s most groundbreaking and most influential. MEGA Man will hold the prestigious event in The Brewery at The Palace on October 23, 2015.

Many men are deserving of the titles, but when the final group finally came together, everyone will agree that each individual is deserving of their spot. Jewelry designer Paul Syjuco bags the title of Master of Design for his unique designs in accessories. For Ronnie & Joe’s premium on curated eyewear products and loyal large brand following, Mike Concepcion is hailed as the Game Changing Entrepreneur. From the courtside, UAAP cagers Gabby Reyes, Russel Escoto, and JR Gallarza scores the award for Rookies of Style. Blazing trails in print and digital media, actor turned style blogger AJ Dee and Philippine Star’s Creative Director David Milan earn the title Media Mavericks. And finally, Manny Pacquiao tops the list as Man of the Year. More than the legend that he is, he proves to be more than his precedents with his turns as philanthropist and congressman.

Staying true to their personas, these men also bring their style A-game when it comes to dressing up for their daily endeavors. Find out which style is preferred by each awardee and learn more about their inspiring stories as they make up this year’s roster for Men of Style by picking up a copy of MEGA Man, which is included in the October issue of MEGA magazine featuring the radiant Bianca Gonzalez Intal.

MEGA Man magazine is a prestigious media brand of One Mega Group Inc.