Meeting Lordei Hina and Family: A UP Students’ Shout-Out on Justice, Hope and Healing Calling Out to You



When In Manila, share a story worth spreading. Have you heard the story about Lordei Hina?


So it was a year after, I get to meet Lordei. Am quite aware when the incident happened a year ago (Feb. 2012) and even knew some friends who visited and prayed for her that time when she was on the hospital. But it is this time that I get to see the person talked about in news and media. It is this time, I get up-close with the UP graduating Political Science student who was stabbed and robbed inside UP USC office. She stayed around 3 months at hospital in critical condition and months afterward on daily therapy. It is this time that I get to hear the story first-hand, real time, really personal (from Tita Connie Hina, Lordei’s mother). It was painful with disgust, some disappointments and of anger. Nonetheless, Lordei is now on her journey towards recovery and restoration.





It is a wonderful, faithful day. Am caught in a surprise and it hits me deeply. Now, am experiencing the writer’s block as they call it. I don’t really believe on a writer’s block, it just simply happens as I ponder upon this story. So let the story go beyond our ears and may it move us to gratefulness and make us realize how blessed we are in life.


The day came for me to meet a dear friend at SM North Edsa, at Dunkin Donuts right across Jollibee main bldg. in particular.  Duday, as I fondly called her, is waiting for us to go straight somewhere north of Quezon City to the Hina’s residence. Lourdes, Margarita or Duday (I picked the name Duday because we’re that close, you know) kind of dragged (or bribed?) me into this or not really. I met Duday way back when I was reviewing for UPCAT then and here we were re-united 8 years or so after. She told me how she was affected or concerned on Lordei Hina’s case as it reflected her own story too. So, yes here we go… on an adventure. We were not familiar with the place but here we ride somewhere Fairview, armed with a Google Map’s screenshot and some directional instructions.


Then here we arrive on Lordei’s place, after talking about how streets of subdivisions were named and etc. Duday brought some ‘pasalubong’ (presents) to Lordei, Donuts and mangoes if I recalled it right. While me, I did brought my camera, compassion and thoughtfulness. We’re greeted by her mother with all smiles. We had a small talk as Lordei came out with her nurse, well dressed while greeting us ‘hello po, kamusta po kayo’. Though jolly, her other hand is still partly paralyzed, with heightened emotions, and with some bouts of memory loss.






Duday easily connect with Lordei as she talked to her candidly, asking her about her day and aspirations. While me, couldn’t help but be speechless and faithfully observing. In a moments notice, April (Philippine Canadian Inquirer) arrived for a scheduled interview with Lordei and her mother.  So we glad-fully and intently listened as Tita Connie recalled the incident and storytelling her personal lens on her daughters’ journey.


I could see that Tita Connie is a strong willed woman, a single-mother who continually fighting in hope and strength. She expressed the situation they have like ‘nakatay kana, naihaw kapa’ (it’s like you are double-murdered).  She said ‘I am so disappointed (on how UP officials handles the case and leave them hanging financially) and am on my own’. She’s thankful that there’s Facebook/social media reaching her friends, co-workers, and office-mates to pitch in whatever help they can. Sending out the message ‘please pray for my daughter’, she says it’s like a ‘global call’. Honestly recalling, some of her atheist friends says ‘Connie I don’t believe in God, but for the sake of your daughter I’ll pray’.


Tita Connie has to discontinue some of the Lordei’s needed therapy, due to financial constraints. Lordei still needed daily therapy for her fast recovery (i.e. Occupational, Physical, Neuro-Psycho and Speech Theraphy). After Lordei’s discharge from hospital last May 5, 2012, they have yet to receive the promised support from fund-raisings done for Lordei (they only received that one from Lordei ‘n Night). They have yet to pay the hospital around 1.3 Million, shoulder around 100,000Php on Lordei’s monthly needed care. They have yet to see justice from the case, as suspects were out at large (one on bail).








You can read more details on Lordei’s story featured a year after her ordeal on Rappler, Philippine Graphic and Philippine Canadian Inquirer. This is just my little part of the story, and calling out to you for Justice, Hope and Healing in behalf of Lordei and her family.


I may not fully understand why such and such happened, all I know is there’s purpose under heaven. So as Lordei’s about to leave that afternoon for her daily routine, I say my little prayer as we do some high-five… ‘Lord, heal Lordei and may her story spread to as much people as an inspiration with a purpose’.


When In Manila, it’s not too late to call out to spread this story, call for better UP campus security, UP Community and Officials to care, Justice system to shape up, call out for your compassion and give Lordei a bright hope and a future.










Here’s how you can tangibly help:

1. Pray for her complete healing and recovery.
2. Spread and share her story (via your Social Networks, your friends may help).
3. If you really can, financially help. Please do.

As for #3… Here’s how:

1. Bank Name: METROBANK 
Address: Head Office Metrobank Plaza Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, 
Makati City, 1200 Philippines
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
>US $ Savings Account 066-2-066-12180-6
>EURO Savings Account 066-2-066-60256-1 
>Peso Savings Account 066-3-722-56210-1

2. Bank name: BANCO De ORO 
Address: Paseo-Gil Puyat Branch
G/F EBC Building 
Paseo de Roxas cor. Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
>Peso Savings Account 2780 246 533

3. If it will be sent via western union or money gram, full name NEEDED: MARIA CONCEPCION HINA

4. CONFIRM and Send Message Email:



Meeting Lordei Hina and Family: A UP Students’ Shout-Out on Justice, Hope and Healing Calling Out to You


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