Meet The ‘Picasso’ of Vienna, Austria Who Is Actually a Filipino!

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng)

This painting may appear familiar to you – it’s entitled as “The Blond Hair Woman”, painted by who is now known to be the ‘Picasso’ of the New Generation. This artist is no other than, Tommy ‘Picasso’ Aquino, who is recently holding an exhibit at Selah Hotel Garden, Pasay City (December 17-22, 2017). But did you know that this world-class artist is a Filipino? Yes, he is! Apparently, another Filipino pride has been making a huge name in Europe.

Aside from this piece, “The Heart, Body and Soul” and “Sunflowers Field” are also few of his well-known masterpieces. He is also recognized as one of the fast-emerging artists in Europe, making a great impact on many curious art collectors to bag his masterpieces.

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How It All Began

Before he migrated to Vienna, Austria to live a life of his passion, let’s look back on when and where it all started.

People call him Tommy, but his real name is Thomas Aquino, who was born on January 14, 1958. He finished Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from the Far Eastern University of the Philippines. Young Tommy excelled in his art classes already exhibited talent in painting, drawing, and also in music. Do you remember what you did as a 10-year old? Well, Tommy started composing songs at that age!

Over the years, Aquino has written many original compositions mostly folk songs and some ballads. Just recently, in June 2014, Aquino won in the Song Writing contest held in Vienna which made a big surprise to all the best participants. He also developed a number of commercial Jingles for different commodity products used in Radio and Television advertisements.

The Journey towards Becoming a World-Class Artist

As a painter, his works of art gained recognition not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. After migrating to Austria, his initial one man was exhibit was held in 2000 called “Be My Guest”. Then in 2001, his Cosmic Vision Painting entitled “The Tranquility” was chosen by the Arts Association of the Philippines was included in grand exhibits held in various Asian capitals. It was hailed by critics and peers alike that earned Aquino the reputation of being a World-Class Artist. He also does his paintings that’s why he was eventually tagged as the Picasso of the New Generation.

At present, Aquino is one of the Exclusive Artists of The Gallery Steiner in Vienna at the 1st District and currently doing some international exhibits. He had one in Busan Korea World Fair which was held on July 2017, also in London Art Fair at Saachi Gallery on September 2017, Shanghai on November 2017. Other itinerary international exhibits would be on January 2018 at Los Angeles California and on May 2018 at New York City.

To the Filipinos, he seems to be an addition to our long list of inspirations towards pursuing our dreams especially to those who are professional creatives. Who knows, you might be the next world-class artist?