Meet the newly-weds of this cute and quirky wedding!

WIM: How were the preparations? (bridesmaid shorts, quirky bridal wear, etc.)
LME: We wanted everything DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Thankfully we have friends and Outbox Media Powerhouse Corp. who helped us with some of the work. Since we’re working in the events industry, we lacked preparation time. We got engaged in 2016, but the actual prep time started during the first quarter of 2017 then jumped to the last quarter because we were too busy with other events and work. It was hard to balance time. We were able to manage time for the wedding nonetheless.
For the bridesmaids and groomsmen, since our concept was “Words” and I love statement shirts and the style of the skirt, I thought, why not make my bridesmaids wear a  default event outfit? I realized that every wedding, mapapatanong ka pag umaattend ka, “Bakit kaya siya bridesmaid?”, “Ka-anu ano nga sya ng bride?” “Pinsan ba yan?” “Yan ba yung best friend?”, so I thought, why not just put it on their shirts; their roles in our relationship. 
We intentionally also did away with real flowers. Since I am an event writer, we have a lot of used scripts in our office. These scripts came from events were Bryan and I worked in together; where I’m the writer and he’s the voiceover
I am Bryan’s no. 1 fan, so I told him, on our wedding day, gusto ko sya kakanta sa paglalakad ko sa aisle. We chose Disney’s Tangled “I See the Light”, because he sang and dubbed that in Tagalog. He was actually the voice of Flynn in the Filipino-dubbed version of Tangled. 
WIM: What is your advice to a lasting relationship like yours?
Sa mga wala pang love life, marry your best friend! If you didn’t marry your best friend, turn your partner into your best friend. Know all the happenings in his/ her life; love the good and the bad but work on the bad. Don’t keep secrets, unless that’s a surprise for him/her. Hindi totoo ang ‘love me for what I am’ kasi compromises must be made in order for a relationship to work, tulad na lang syempre ng pag may maling nakasanayan, dapat itama. Hindi puwedeng kahit mali, tatanggapin kasi “yun ako”. Mali yun. 
Also, words — communicate. Hindi manghuhula ang mga lalaki para malaman ang nasa utak natin, girls.
Last but not the least, love. Love unconditionally; no ifs and buts, just love. 
Best wishes to the both of you!
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Bryan and Lhuvi wish to thank the following:
Makeup – Luis Adriano Buñag (for bride, mothers, and maid-of-honor)
Hair – Jane Mejela (for bride, mothers and maid-of-honor)
Hair & Makeup – Rey Decena (for bridesmaids and flower girls)
Designer – Mara Chua (Bride, Groom, Mothers, maid-of-honor, flower girls, bridesmaids’ skirt) 
Groom’s Hair – Carlo Baculo Villais of Casa Cruz
Printing (Shirts, Signages, Invitation, Pen Giveaways) – Racquel Ponciano 
Photo and Video – Nice Print Photography
Organizers – Outbox Media Powerhouse Corp.  
Creative Consultant – Revbrain Martin 
Production Design- Anthony Flores
Sounds and Lights System – Ricky Ramos of Audio Network
LED Wall – Sean Barrameda of Olympus Lights and Sounds
Video Coverage – Big Minds Studios
Caterer – Juan Carlo Catering
Reception Venue – The Forest Barn
Church – The Caleruega Tent Chapel of Transfiguration
Preparation Venue – Mariel’s Garden 
Bus service of guests – Genesis Bus
Godparent’s Souvenir – Playdough Cakes and Gold Leaf Teas
Save The Date video – Michael Roldan
Same Day Edit video – Emerson Delostrico
Prenup photographers – Stephen Pechon & Benny Santillan
Wedding photographer – Rupert Ramos.
The couple also wish to thank Ms. Hazel Santillan for handling their account personally, Nice Print Photography for the photos above and Ms. Char Tinio.

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