Meet the newly-weds of this cute and quirky wedding!

What’s amazing being with the people you love is how you can be your most comfortable self.

For newlyweds Bryan and Lhuvi, they are each other’s best friends. They love being around each other from what started at “inis at first sight” back in 2008 during their college days, where they met because they were classmates.

What’s amazing is how their wedding photos capture their quirky personalities and the “realness” of their relationship and as individuals.

Check out the photos below!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to the Lhuvi (bride) for further details.

WHEN IN MANILA: How did you and your husband meet, and how long were you together before you tied the knot?
Lhuvi Martin-Encarnacion: Year 2008, college days. We were classmates. For me, it started as “inis at first sight’. Bryan had this ‘angas’ aura because of his butt out chest out stance before. Feel na feel ang pag ka-model niya noon. My annoyance grew deeper when we became group mates for a project. He was our model and I was the group leader. He was too bossy, so one time I called him boss and he quickly reverted “manager.” From then on, we called each other boss and manager. He was in a complicated relationship back then and so was I. Eventually, we became each other’s confidante because of our love woes. We became friends to best of friends and from there, nasulot nya ako, nagpasulot naman ako! Joke! (She laughs.)

[We have been a couple] for 9 years. It’s our 10th year this year.

WIM: How would you describe yourselves as a couple?
We are the best of friends and sometimes the best of enemies. Just kidding!  In fact, we are the walking diaries of each other. 

WIM: How did you conceptualize the shoot?
I work for an events company as a writer and Bryan is a Voice actor/ talent. Our overall concept is ‘Words’ because obviously, words bind us, at yun ang common ground ng trabaho namin. I write the scripts and he gives life to it through his voice-overs. That’s why our official hashtag was: #FinalRevisionSoon (during pre-wedding) #FinalRevision021718. We took ‘marriage’ as the final revision of our status.

Both of us knew what we wanted to do, bukod sa di ko talaga kaya mag seryosong umemote, we really wanted to be just US – not too much drama, those things.

(Editor’s note: Watch Bryan and Lhuvi’s hilarious SDE!)

Our SDE was inspired by a true story/scene while Bryan and I were brainstorming for its content. A lot of suggestions were coming from friends and relatives, and we couldn’t decide which one to focus on, so we thought– why not execute it this way– how we argue about the concept and make it mala- STD 101. Then we titled it #FinalRevisionSoon.

Regarding the wedding photos, in all honesty, we did not have any concept of it, specifically. We just told Sir Rupert and Sir Benny (our cool photographers) to just shoot us candidly. Some orchestrated poses were from the Same Day Edit BTS (wherein we had a concept).
We wanted to share the behind the scenes of the wedding, because behind those perfect emoterang smiles are the real smiles, e. Yung candid lang na makukuha. The reality of the “tiis ganda” when you wear the heels & the groom’s coat, at kung anu-ano pang kalokohan na makikita mo sa photo at video. We tried to “break” what we normally see in wedding albums.
A lot of friends told us that everything about the wedding is so US. Sabi ko nga, if someone will ask what the wedding concept was, honestly, there really is none.  It was just behind the scenes; we wanted it to be real and we wanted it to be simply US.

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