Meet The New San Cai Of The All-New Meteor Garden Remake!

In case you missed it, Taiwan is doing a remake of their widely phenomenal Meteor Garden, driving fans all over Asia crazy!

The new F4 members consist of up-and-coming actors Darren Cheng, Dylan Wang, Connor Leong, and Caesar Wu. At the time, details on who’s playing who had not been released yet. But just shortly after the all-new, millennial F4 was revealed on Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, now we finally get to see who is taking over Barbie Hsu’s iconic role as San Cai!

According to Push, 20-year-old Chinese actress Shen Yue will be playing the female lead of the new Meteor Garden remake, which will air in 2018.

The Push article also finally revealed which among the new F4 is playing Dao Ming Su.

Dylan Wang is following in Jerry Yan’s footsteps as Dao Ming Su, the spoiled brat and leader of the popular F4 who falls in love with San Cai.


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