Meet The First Pinay To Debut As A K-Pop Idol: Chrisha Choo

K-Pop idols and K-Dramas have been the recent trend for Pinoys, and fans really stop at nothing to get more of all things Korean. But here’s a Pinay that doesn’t just fangirl with K-Pop stars–she became a K-Pop idol herself!

Meet Chrisha Choo (aka Kriesha Tiu), the first Pinay to debut as a K-Pop idol.

chrisha chooPhoto from Chrisha Choo’s Facebook page

She was a runner up in the final season of Korean reality show K-Pop Star 6, where thousands of aspiring artists compete to become the next K-Pop idol.

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Though she may have been a runner-up in the competition, Urban Works Enterainment, her agency, just announced that she will be having her debut real soon.

Here are some things you should know about Chrisha Choo:

6. She was born in Cebu.

From the start of her appearance in K-Pop Star 6, she has always been proud of her Filipino blood. Though she’s really a Filipino-American, she’s always quick to say that she’s Filipino.

Chrisha was born in Cebu before her family moved to San Francisco.

5. She instantly captured the judges’ attention during her audition–even from her introduction!

Chrisha choo

During her audition for K-Pop Star 6, she sang her own version of a judge’s song to introduce herself.

They said that she was the only contestant who put so much effort in the introduction. What a way to make a first impression!

4. She almost didn’t make it to the finals!

Chrisha was eliminated halfway through the competition. Yet, a wildcard round allowed her to come back. And look, she made it to second place!

3. She had to learn to speak Korean in a year!

Chrisha choo

Chrisha surprised the judges when she said that she wasn’t Korean. The judges thought that she spoke Korean so well that they didn’t imagine that she was Filipino.

Chrisha told them that she studied in a Korean institute for a year. She’s a fast learner!

2. She speaks Bisaya, too!

In this video greeting, Chrisha showcases what a multilinguist she is, greeting her fans in English, Filipino, and Bisaya.

1. At this point, we know she’s a triple threat.

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Chrisha sings, dances, and plays the piano! We’re hoping to see more of her talents once she debuts!

We’re super excited to see Chrisha Choo debut as the first Pinay K-Pop star! There’s no schedule yet, but there are reports that it might be in May. We’ll definitely be looking out for that!

Congratulations, Chrisha! Pinoy pride!

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