The Croods Movie Review: Meet the First Moden Family

When in  Manila, the Croods, the modern family cavemen, will tell us their stories inside the cave and their adventures in discovering the world outside home. Their story will be told in Manila on March 22nd.  Let the adventure begin with a short movie review..


Hello there, the Croods!



Who are the Croods? The Croods is the only surviving family who lived between the Croodaceous Period,  which fell between the Jurassic Age and the ‘Katzenzoic Era’– according to the DreamWorks archaeologists.  You will meet Grug (the dad) who is over-protective of his family, Ugga,  the typical mom who keeps the family together, Epp is the curious teenager who is willing to accept change, Thunk is the middle sibling who has a big built and a big heart with worst coordination, Sandy the Baby who does not cry but growls, and Gran, the typical mom-in-law who is not convinced of Grug’s capabilities. They are stronger than the superheroes that we know, and they can run as fast as the F1 race car – they are physically capable, but mentally – they still need to learn a lot about life – like fire and shoes. 


I was excited to watch the screening last Saturday. I got my snack ready (thank you McDonald’s for the free Croods toy!) and my 3D glasses. It was a busy week for me, and I need a good laugh that Saturday morning. Let’s get it on, the Croods!


The Croods did not disappoint me. I was laughing the whole movie duration – that is, from the start  until the credits. The first minutes of the film will bring us to the exciting way  how the Croods hunt for food, survive and live their life everyday – and stay inside the cave at night. As the movie progresses, the true conflict on the plot emerges.  What will you do when you lose your home – in Croods’ situation, their cave? 


How would the Croods adapt when Mother Nature is experimenting and the world is changing before their very eyes? It even becomes more complicated when they met a prehistoric man, Guy  (simple name and direct to the point. I love the name. I love Guy!) who has the best innovative ideas and is ready to steal Eep’s heart. I never realized I would fall inlove again over an animated film! I thought the giggly moments are only reserved to Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo or to Hollywood Couples.  

Ah.. how sweet! You might remember your crushie!


And so, the Croods’ adventure continues.  They met interesting and colorful creatures in a place we can compare to a paradise. I am amazed with the imagination of the people who created the setting of such incredible flora and fauna.  The landscapes are haven for photographers and just fit perfectly in the big screen.

What is more interesting is the funny script which is given light and life by charistmatic voices of Nicolas Cage (Grugg), Katherine Keener (Ugga), Emma Stone (Eep), Clark Duke (Thunk),  Cloris Leachman (Gran), and Ryan Reynolds (Guy).  The film has an imaginative and non-cerebral humor, but amazingly funny – even without the actual lines. 

 nicolas cage as grug in the croods

At some scenes, I thought I am seeing Nicholas Cage in Grugg‘s character; probably because the animation shows the true emotions – especially when he is disappointed, mad, being boisterous and just being a dad. It is also the animations’ emotions that connects me to Eep‘s curiousity and hunger for adventure.

 The characters’ expressions, behavior and relationship with each other make viewers relate to the Croods. Raise your hand if you have an over-protective dad, say yes if you are a mom who tries to keep the family together, and nod if you are a husband who doesn’t have a very close relationship with your mother-in-law – the Croods captures these relationships and place a they- live- happily- ever- after  ending in the story.

Can you feel their emotions through the expressions?



My friends are probably tired of hearing my raves about the movie. I love the adventure. I love the lessons. I love how they take pictures (don’t miss it!). I love Guy! I cannot wait to see the movie again!

 Meet “the” Guy!


RyanReynolds as Guy in THE CROODS


The Croods  is a real Family Entertainment movie. It is an animation comedy film that will warm our hearts and excite our senses. It will teach us lessons about life and family. It will teach us to let go, and accept change without losing our values. It will make us laugh and shed a tear – don’t forget to bring a hanky. The Croods is worth the adventure ride!

Have I failed to mention about Belt? He is one character you cannot miss. I have to say, he is a secret ingredient to the film!


Who is your favorite character in The Croods?

What is your favorite part of the film?

 Taat.. taat.. Taaaaahh…..!!!


The Croods will welcome Manila viewers in cinemas on March 22nd, Friday

in 3D and 2D

by 20th Century Fox Philippines




 When in Manila, Meet the First Moden Family – The Croods (Movie Review)



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