Meet The 1 Million Peso Bicycle That Lets You Ride The Road Like A World Champion

Meet The 1 Million Peso Bicycle That Lets You Ride The Road Like A World Champion

What would you do if you had a spare one million pesos lying around? Buy a car? Get yourself a nice condo or maybe add the cash to your pension fund? Just off Burgos Circle in BGC lies a small treasure trove of a shop where you can exchange that amount of money for a bicycle. Follow me as we take a closer look at the most expensive bike in town, the Italian made Pinarello Bolide.

Pinarello-Bolide-million-peso-bicycle-frank-schuengel (2)Primo Cycles at Forbeswood Heights, home to really expensive things on two wheels . 

Primo Cycles isn’t your average bike shop. The moment you step through the door you are entering a world of carbon fiber frames, ultra thin tires, and posh sounding Italian names that are synonymous with high end bicycles. In the midst of it stands one bike to rule them all: a customized Pinarello Bolide. This Italian race bike is probably best known as the ride of Sir Bradley Wiggins, who won the men’s world time trial championship on one, and the total price of this particular version exceeds the one million peso mark. To make sense of this otherworldly price tag, simply think of this bike as the Formula 1 of cycling. It’s as light, strong and aerodynamically perfect as a bicycle can currently be. 

Pinarello-Bolide-million-peso-bicycle-frank-schuengel (3)The One Million Peso Pinarello Bolide

Where normal bicycles have handlebars laden with brake levers and gearshift cables, the Bolide has a wind tunnel tested piece of art that hides all its un-aerodynamic wires, helping riders to save valuable time on their quest for victory. As far as shifting gears is concerned, this is done electronically. No more pulling and pushing of levers – instead, simply press a button and watch the chain hop to the next gear in the fraction of a second.

Pinarello-Bolide-million-peso-bicycle-frank-schuengel (1)Clockwise From Top Left: Hidden Brakes – No Wires On This Handlebar – Electronic Grearshift – The Bolide 

The frame itself is built out of 65KM1k carbon-fiber featuring 1,000 wefts per square cm, meaning it can resist 65 tons of force while only weighing around 1200 grams. This super lightweight frame alone books in at over PHP 800,000. Another highlight are the brakes, which are integrated into the fork and seatstays and are hidden from the wind by aerodynamic covers. Every single part of this bike has been meticulously designed, wind tunnel tested and carefully assembled to ensure it’s as good as a race bike can possibly be.

In case you are now about to raid your savings account and dash down to BGC to buy this two wheeled masterpiece, I unfortunately have to disappoint you: This particular bike is not for sale, as it is already owned by a private collector who keeps it at the shop for maintenance and storage purposes. You can instead order your very own version and customize it in any way you like, from the parts used to the paint job on the frame. That of course will still not give you the athletic ability to ride like Bradley Wiggins, but at least you get to feel like him when taking your Bolide for a spin, and that’s probably as close to being a world champion rider as most average cyclists will ever get.  

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Meet The 1 Million Peso Bicycle That Lets You Ride The Road Like A World Champion