Meet Chi-chi, Manila’s first official dog frontliner

This doggo was recently given an official Barangay Dog Frontliner ID for the good work they’ve done for Manila’s Barangay 379.

Manila’s Public Information Office recently shared a couple of photos of the hardworking pupper called Chi-chi, calling them Manila’s first official animal frontliner.

WATCHDOG: Napagkalooban si Chi-chi, ang kauna-unahang animal frontliner sa Maynila, ng Barangay Dog Frontliner ID ng…

Posted by Manila Public Information Office on Sunday, April 26, 2020

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They shared that Chi-chi earned the title of ‘frontliner’ after helping out Dog Daddy Jake Ryan Ramos with his work in the Barangay Patrol. According to Ramos, Chi-chi tirelessly joins him on rotations around the barangay and is always eager to ride the Barangay Patrol.

Ramos shared with ABS-CBN that their barangay has been caring for Chi-chi for a long time now. Chi-chi would often join their barangay tanods in patrols, being very reliable as Chi-chi is always alert of suspicious individuals.

Galit po sya minsan sa mga nangunguha ng kalakal kasi baka minsan po salisi gang po pala, baka may manakawan po samin,” said Ramos.

Chi-chi is the first dog frontliner to be recognized by Manila’s local government unit as such but other barangays have their own animal helpers enforcing quarantine guidelines. Ligaw from Sampaloc, Bruno, and Buddy are just a number of other dog frontliners who’ve been helping out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hopefully, more of our animal frontliners will be recognized soon!

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