Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue & There For Tomorrow at Crowne Plaza!



Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue & There For Tomorrow!


When In Manila, if you just missed the Meet and Greet VIP Party of your favorite bands There For Tomorrow and Every Avenue here in Manila, do not worry because I’ll be reliving every single minute I had meeting them! Thanks to Dayly Entertainment, Built By Sonic, Astroplus, and Crowne Plaza for the Meet and Greet VIP Party and the concert!


Let’s start off with the Meet And Greet VIP Party, which was made possible by Dayly Entertainment and Built By Sonic! All the participants of the Meet And Greet VIP Party were all concert ticket holders and they were only asked to register at a first-come-first-serve basis. 



Fans for the Meet and Greet VIP Party



We were served burgers and fries courtesy of Crowne Plaza where the Meet and Greet VIP Party was held and also, where the bands stayed at. 



Meet and Greet VIP Party: Fans lining up at the buffet table for some burgers and fries



While waiting for the band to come out from backstage, the host of the evening, MYX VJ Juls played some games to break the ice. Questions to test the fans of their knowledge about the bands were asked and the fastest to the microphone in the middle of the room first, wins! Fans won prizes from Built By Sonic , The Shop With A BIG SOUND; awesome shirts and CDs were in the package.



Gift prizes courtesy of Built By Sonic: The Shop With A BIG SOUND, Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue and There For Tomorrow



Meet and Greet VIP Party contest winners showing off their awesome prizes! 



And now for the most awaited part of the Meet and Greet VIP Party…  EVERY AVENUE and THERE FOR TOMORROW! They were welcomed loudly by the 50+ people in the room, quite a big wave of welcome actually! Everyone was just so excited to finally see their idols and favorites in person, and finally they were just few meters from them! Each band member took their seat in front of the crowd as they settled for the mini press conference and Q&A from the fans themselves. 



There For Tomorrow and Every Avenue took their seats on stage for the PressCon, with VJ Juls (far right)



Every Avenue’s side, at the Meet and Greet VIP Party



There For Tomorrow’s side, at the Meet and Greet VIP Party



We, the media partners, were invited to ask questions we felt like asking the band. Since it was such a short notice (like 20 minutes before the band came out), I totally blanked out and forgot the things I wanted to say to the band! I’m also a fan so I must have a lot of questions in mind, but unfortunately blacked out. I suddenly got nervous that I was actually given the mic to talk to them, ask and tell them anything I want. Instead, I just asked the very vague cliché question, “What was the biggest challenge have you guys encountered upon arriving in Manila? Airport? Traffic?” HAHAHA! 



Dave Strauchman, Every Avenue lead singer



After the media partners were given time to ask questions, it was the fans’ turn to ask theirs. They wrote their questions in a color-coded paper (one color representing one band) and left it in a fish bowl, in which VJ Juls randomly picked three lucky fan questions per band/ color. A funny question directed for There For Tomorrow was that, “If they were to become strippers, what would their stripper name be?”  



Jay Enriquez of There For Tomorrow said he’d like to be named “Destiny”



Christian Climer of There For Tomorrow paired up with Jay and answered, “Harmony”



Chris Kamrada of There For Tomorrow answered, “Spicy-….” (I think he said Spicy Avocado, but I really can’t remember it haha!)



Maika Maile was “thinking outside the box” when he said he’d like to be named “Stacy”



As for Every Avenue, if you listen to their new album “Bad Habits”, the first song off the album is “Tie Me Down”; the intro for that song is a man talking about rifles and shooting stuff. Having an unusual intro like that, one of the fans asked what it was all about. The band gave the mic to Jimmie Deeghan to elaborate. He said something about his dad who just recently learned recording using a cellphone and since then, he kept on commentating his shootings. I thought it was witty! 😀



Jimmie Deeghan (guitarist) and Dave Strauchman (lead singer) of Every Avenue at the Meet and Greet VIP Party



After the Q&A, VJ Juls gave everyone the opportunity to interact with the band more. Everyone was encouraged to join the Bring-Me game: the band asked for what they want  and the fans bring it to them. 


First Bring-Me was a topless picture of Chris Kamrada which was easily spotted by the band. It was taped behind one of the front row chairs. I thought it was hilarious! Turns out, that wasn’t the only topless picture in the room! Another fan from the other end of the table dashed forward to bring them the topless picture of Chris. 



 Chris Kamrada’s shirtless picture, by a fan at the Meet and Greet VIP Party



Second Bring-Me got everyone silent for a while. The band asked to bring them the horizon, aka the band, Bring Me The Horizon! Some fans didn’t know what to do but the others brought out their magazines and started searching in every page. When it was taking too long, one of the girls just blurted out, “Would you like me to bring you beer instead?” The band never looked more excited that night. They only wanted beer to boost up their energy. True fans know how to cheer the band up!



Fans cheer up the tired guys by bringing them MANILA BEER!



Now that they have beer with them, the band couldn’t really think of anything for that one last Bring-Me. Finally, Jimmie said, “Bring me a sandwich!” VJ Juls spotted the lonely burger by the buffet table and ran towards it. Dave was like, “Bring the man a sandwich!” I guess they were really tired and hungry that night. 



Happy Jimmie is HAPPY! He got his sandwich/ burger! 



Fans won gift certificates care of Built By Sonic! This whole event would never have happened if it was not for Dayly Entertainment and Built By Sonic! They bring the best bands to the Philippines and they never fail to amaze the fans! They even threw this magnificent Meet and Greet VIP Party and made every single fan’s dream come true! Dayly + BBS really know how to make the fans happy!


The excitement does not end there!  We were able to greet the band personally and had our picture taken. First with Every Avenue, then with There For Tomorrow. These guys were really awesome and down-to-earth; they even took their time to chat with everyone.



Photo with Every Avenue, courtesy of Dayly Entertainment (Yaay! Jimmie did the peace-sign with me, and Matt! What is that face?! Haha!)



Photo with There For Tomorrow, courtesy of Dayly Entertainment (Sorry I look weird.. Where was I looking?! Haha!)



After the photo op, Every Avenue went first with their interview for MYX, while There For Tomorrow was served food at the other side of the room, and vice versa. 



Every Avenue having their interview at the MYX booth



There For Tomorrow being interviewed at the MYX booth 



The fans were enjoying every second of the Meet and Greet VIP Party because it’s not everyday that you get to hang out with your favorite bands. We waited for Every Avenue to finish their dinner and the autograph signing began! Signatures, drawings, hugs, written and video messages were all asked by the fans, and as nice as the guys really are, they never failed to fill in every request! I was able to get Dave and Jimmie to sign and draw for me! Though the other guys were already asked by the management to go back, it was all good! 


Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue & There For Tomorrow: Signing Session



Matt Black of Every Avenue, signing for fans (Nice ink, Matt!) 



Jimmie Deeghan of Every Avenue, signing a fan’s notebook



Dennis Wilson of Every Avenue, signing at the back of a fan’s Meet and Greet VIP Party ID



David Strauchman of Every Avenue, very nice drawings there! 



Josh Withenshaw of Every Avenue: doodling, signing, and talking to fans all at the same time! What a multi-tasker you are, Josh! 



Maika Maile of There For Tomorrow signing one last fan request even after the producers are escorting him to go backstage already



Chris Kamrada of There For Tomorrow hanging out with fans



Jay Enriquez and Christian Climer of There For Tomorrow (I can’t find a better picture of Jay because he’s always out of sight, and Christian was shooting footage most of the time haha! )



An extremely beaming There For Tomorrow fan, Julienne, got all her CDs signed by the band at the Meet and Greet VIP Party! 



Julienne, a huge fan of There For Tomorrow, runs the local and acknowledged TFT street team (@PhilsForTmrw)



Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue & There For Tomorrow doesn’t have to end here. More pictures on Facebook!



For more pictures from the Meet And Greet VIP Party, click the link and don’t forget to tag yourselves!




Meet and Greet VIP Party with Every Avenue & There For Tomorrow




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