MEDWARDS: The 6th Annual Interdepartmental Variety and Charity Show


The Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity (ΤΜΣΦ) and the Sorority of Thomasian Doctors (ΣTΔ), the pioneer and premiere medical fraternity and sorority of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery proudly present and invite you to MEDWARDS: The 6th Annual Interdepartmental Variety and Charity Show happening on November 18, 2016 at the Medicine Auditorium of St. Martin de Porres Building, University of Santo Tomas. It is an annual variety show of the UST-FMS, which was the brainchild of Bro. Dr. Jeff Willis Asuncion Maniquis. Together with Bro. Dr. Richardson Beltran Lorilla, Sis Dr. Joyce Karla SeguiSuero and Sis Dr. Erika Lourdes Mercado Adajar, they launched the first ever MEDWARDS in 2011. It aims not only to showcase talent in performing arts among teaching, non-teaching staff and students but more so, to help out the less fortunate patients in the Clinical Division of UST Hospital.

Medical students from all year levels are grouped into several clusters headed by our own Tauan brothers and Sigman sisters based on their sections, A, B, C, and D. The various departments and beneficiary ward are partnered with each cluster. Professors, consultants, fellows, residents, interns, clinical clerks and support staff are invited to perform with their cluster. The presentations are theme-based. Each cluster is informed of their specific themed presentations one to two months prior to the event. This gives them ample time to conceptualize their assigned themes and to integrate it into their performance. The winners are determined by the distinguished judges, and cash prizes are awarded to their beneficiary ward.

This year, 2016, the show aspires to express nationalism and promote doctors to the barrios through the celebration of the different cultural festivals – Masskara in Bacolod, Panagbenga in Baguio, Sinulog in Cebu and Kadayawan in Davao – found throughout the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Witness the students, faculty and non-teaching staff of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and doctors of UST Hospital showcase festivals in one stage! This is all for the benefit of the patients from the Pediatrics, OB-Gyne, Medicine and Neurology Wards of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital Clinical Division.

Come and experience the cultural festivities treasured in the Philippines as their performances bring us across its islands.

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