MediSwim Philippines: Beat the Heat with Total Immersion

Worried that you might drown? Do you want to improve your swimming form? Don’t fret and don’t be shy! tried Total Immersion – MediSwim Philippines! Regardless of age or skill level, they have SWIMDURANCE programs that are best suited for adults just like you.

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WIM MediSwim 1

The Total Immersion™ (TI) method in MediSwim’s Swimdurance programs are as follows, and are headed by Coach Jaycee Macdonald: SWIMDURANCE 1.0 AND SWIMDURANCE 2.0  The aim of these programs is to help adults learn proper stroke techniques through a progression of drills.

In these programs, students will also learn all of the necessary movements, which lay the groundwork for efficient and relaxed swimming based on the Total Immersion method such as: Balance, Streamlining, and Rotation.

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The program starts with students holding onto the side of the pool for breathing exercises. Beginner swimmers tend to panic and hold their breath underwater. Here, we see Nicole, Associate Editor doing “bubbles.” The technique of bubbling is when you continuously exhale air through your nose.

WIM MediSwim Bubbles

Relax the jaw. Think: you’re doing a shark smile!

All the air should be coming out of your nose, not the mouth. Thus, you shouldn’t be containing any air in your mouth. When doing the bubbling exercise, relax the jaw. Here, we see myself actively trying to make a “shark smile!”

WIM MediSwim Jaw

Head Position: where are you looking?

When thrown in the water, the human instinct is for us to lift and rotate our heads and inhale as much oxygen as possible. This causes more panic due to the unbalanced position of the body. Thus, the next step is to accustom our head position through looking down. Think: tucking your chin in while  creating a “flap” at the back of your neck. Also, relax the neck!

WIM MediSwim Head

Streamline: arms and the legs!

In Total Immersion – MediSwim Philippines, it is crucial to treat your arms and legs as one. This results to energy conservation and drag reduction, which leads to a better aquadynamic shape of our human bodies.

WIM MediSwim Legs

Practice makes perfect!

After doing the 4-hour intensive module, we learned that swimming is not just a recreational activity but an exercise which gives importance to swimming intentionally. Having a good from makes it you more comfortable in the water.

WM MediSwim Last Photo

The result? You can be more confident in your swimming abilities. Also, swimming has a lot to do with the mind, similar to how yoga works with the proper breathing, form, and focus.


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