Meatplus Now Open in Baguio

For a frequent traveler going to Subic, the first thing that comes to mind when you go is Duty-Free for shopping, and then dine at Meat Plus Café. This restaurant brings a lot of memories as they serve meals in a proper casual dining atmosphere. Who would have taught that Meat Plus Café is already on its 29th year? All the owners ever wanted was a place where people could come for the shopping and stay for the food during the time Duty-Free was popular in the early 90s and then it grew into a “must visit” destination in Subic and Clark for travelers. To the present day, they are still able to share the same quality of service and US-certified steaks and meat that lead their bestsellers. This value and quality has now extended to their branch in Baguio. It not just takes you back, but brings you forward in terms of dining experience.

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What’s exciting is they have also welcomely shared their “Plus” dining with the Baguio community as ber month festivities are coming in just in time to celebrate during their Baguio staycation and meat up in Meat Plus Café.