McDonald’s Chocolate French Fries Currently Exist in Japan and We are So Jealous!

McDonald’s is known to regularly come up with unique food items that suit the different countries that its branches are in. Remember the rice burgers they once served around Asia? They also had a bratwurst burger in Germany and taro pies in China at some point.

However, this new food item on their Japanese menu is making us super jealous and has us wishing we had it on our McDonald’s menu, too: chocolate covered French fries!

mcdonald's chocolate fries

The fries will be available at the end of January and will be called McChocolate Potatoes. Yum yum yum.

Since I’m the type of girl who loves dipping her fries in her chocolate sundae, this is truly a dream come true for me! Since we probably won’t be getting this item on our Philippine menu, though, I’m thinking maybe I should just bring my own chocolate spread and DIY it the next time I’m at McDonald’s? :p

What are your dream McDonald’s menu items? Share your best ideas with us!