MBB Week 2018

MBB week is an annual week-long event that will be held on April 8-13, 2018. It aims to bring knowledge and publicity regarding the field of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and its organization. This year’s theme is “back to basics” where a simpler approach in spreading more knowledge about the field, through its events, is taken. The week kicks off with the Academic Program event, which is a hospital visit for kids. This event is followed by a 3-day food fair with many concessionaires. There will also be a booth that aims to spread more information about GMOs through a corn eating contest. TsaMBBahan, a fun and quirky game show that nobody can prepare for,  is one of the highlights of MBB week and will be held on April 12. The week then ends with MBB night, a celebration of all the efforts done by the organization.

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