“Mayor Swap” To Restore Calm At Makati City Hall By Bringing In Singapore Mayor And Sending Local Title Claimants Away

The ongoing drama as to who really is acting mayor of Makati right now is about to take another twist on the way to its resolve: Malacañang today announced a “Mayor Swap” program that will see the mayor of Central Singapore take over the reins in Makati on a temporary basis, while the two men embroiled in the power struggle for the keys to the imposing building along JP Rizal Avenue will be sent to Singapore in exchange.

makati-singapore-mayor-swap-april-fools-2015 (1)Who’s your Mayor? Nobody in Makati really knows that right now.

This unusual step was initiated by concerned politicians here and in other Asian business destinations, who expressed a desire to calm fears within the financial markets that the ongoing squabble at Makati city hall will damage the economy. A person at the Singapore Office of the Mayors commented: “Most people know that Singapore has a Prime Minister, but fewer people realize that we also have five mayors, one for each district of the city, and we are delighted to help our friends in the Philippines by sending our most experienced mayor, who is normally looking after the Central Singapore District – our equivalent of Makati – to help resolve the current issues faced by the good people of Metro Manila. We are hoping that we can sow the seeds for more political discipline, honesty, integrity and lawfulness along the way.”

makati-singapore-mayor-swap-april-fools-2015 (2)A shining example of how it’s done: Singapore.

A person at Malacañang who has knowledge of the deal told us under condition of anonymity: “Everyone thought this would be the best way to bring back discipline and stability to our country’s financial capital. The only other option would have been a duel at dawn between the two men currently claiming to be mayor, but apparently that’s illegal these days. Secretly, we are also hoping that it will lead to chewing gum being banned in Makati and to all buses and Jeepneys running on time and with impeccable traffic discipline. Together with the new Selfie Ban, this should make for a much more pleasant city!”

The Mayor Exchange Program will initially run for one day only and commenced at midnight tonight, 01 April 2015.

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