#MayForever: Husband Prepares 1 Year’s Worth of Dinners For Wife While They’re Apart

Isn’t this the cutest thing? I bet the wife will have something to look forward to everyday!

This loving husband just prepared his wife 12 months’ worth of dinner while he’s away for work.

Chinese wife gets 1 year's worth dinners

His job? He’s stationed at a remote outpost in Tibet for the Chinese army.

The 27-year-old soldier, Yin Yunfeng, only gets to see his wife once a year according to various reports. His wife works as a schoolteacher, and was usually so busy with work that she didn’t have time to make herself dinner.

The husband reportedly took matters into his own hands and prepared her dinner for every day of the year, which he stored in their refrigerator, as well as in the homes of their loved ones and friends!

The soldier also reportedly hid some treats around their home along with attached love notes, which he promised to reveal to her through love letters and calls.

Take a look at his first treat below!

1 year worth of dinner

Talk about effort!

What do you think of this?? Would you love to experience this?