Maxims Hotel’s The Terrace Takes Diners Onto A Gastronomic Journey with Its One-of-A-Kind Romantic Valentine Dinner


Maxims Hotel’s The Terrace Takes Diners Onto A Gastronomic Journey with Its One-of-A-Kind Romantic Valentine Dinner



When in Manila and looking for a fresh new place with exquisite tasting food and relaxing ambiance to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend you book a table by the pool or in one of the intimate cabanas at The Terrace located on the 4th Floor of Maxims HotelResorts World Manila’s all-suite luxury 6 star hotel.




Yesterday, we had the honor of being the first to experience their mind blowing Valentine’s Day menu prepared by the skillful chefs of The Terrace led by Chef Ben Bernardo.

Meeting Chef Ben was such a delight for he graciously sat down with us to discuss his menu, experiences and views about food and more. Conversations with a passionate chef  like Chef Ben is something which I consider one of life’s greatest pleasures. After a few minutes of chatting with him and telling us a bit of background on the concept of this year’s 4-course menu, I felt extra excited and eager to actually experience his genius through his edible creations.   


Cold Oyster soup



For the soup, Chef Ben prepared a refreshing flavorful Cold Oyster soup to ignite that romantic feel as you start on with your gastronomical journey. Enjoy spoonfuls of creamy, foamy cold soup with the freshness of lemongrass and with a finale of fresh oyster squeezed with lemon. The experience was like a graceful dance of delicate flavors spinning around your palate with a perfect curtsy at the end that lifts thy soul. This masterpiece deserves much applause!




The Marinated Tomato Salad may look very simple, but I was truly impressed for unlike in other salads, it didn’t have any overpowering vinaigrette. It’s a salad that’s so delicately carefully seasoned and marinated, that you get to taste and appreciate the freshness of the main ingredients more. With experiences like this, I tend to be kinda emotional… this salad pretty much reminded me on how I want my heart to be treated – with much care and appreciation. =)



Their Trio for 2 with Grilled Lamb and Beef, Shrimp Pasta and Seared Tuna is a divine trinity with a symphony of flavors bursting with every bite.  Every dish, having its own unique character is meticulously prepared, delicately seasoned, ambrosial in taste without overpowering the other… It felt like all three of them supported each other well to send anyone to palatal paradise.  *Sigh* Sharing a plateful of edible wonders with your special someone is simply priceless. 



simple yet so flavorful



Grilled Lamb and Beef



The best Seared tuna!!


For that sweet ending, you get to cap-off the night with an eye-mistingly exquisite plate of some Warm Affection – a carousel of luscious flavors, textures and temperatures. Another well balanced plate of flavors. The banana sherbet tasted so well with the molten lava chocolate cake plus that hint of the jelly’s sourness…. MMMMMmmmmmm! Good to the last morsel





That lovely dinner kept me smiling the whole evening…. For me, nothing beats a finely prepared 4-5 course meal because here, I feel like embarking on a journey with its maker and I get to enter into a more mindful and appreciative state. The night was made even more special with that really long good conversation with Chef Ben plus the lovely ambiance by the pool. Overall, the experience was phenomenal.


Simply one of my most memorable dinners ever… another MUST EXPERIENCE When in Manila!


how about a romantic dinner in one of their cabanas?

WIM-Maxims-TheTerrace-14Maxim’s Chef Ben Bernardo, Sheila Suyat and’s Publisher Vince Golangco. 


This sumptuous Valentine dinner is priced at

P2000++ / person (dinner by the pool)

P3,000++ / person (dinner at a cabana)


Available on Valentine’s Day from 6-10pm



Maxims Hotel Resorts World Manila

Newport Boulevard, Newport City. Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines

For reservations, call 908 88 88 and ask the operator to connect you to The Terrace.

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Maxims Hotel’s The Terrace Takes Diners Onto A Gastronomic Journey with Its One-of-A-Kind Romantic Valentine Dinner