“You Can’t Trust Even Your Friends”: Maureen Wroblewitz Opens Up About COVID-19 Experience

This weekend, Asia’s Next Top Model winner Maureen Wroblewitz revealed to friends and fans on social media that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and is now recovering after self-quarantining at home for two weeks.

She opened up about how it had affected her mental health and what she had learned within those weeks of self-isolation—one of which is that she needs to be more careful about who to trust, even in her circle of friends.

maureen wroblewitz

She briefly touched on the topic on her Instagram post revealing the news of her testing positive for the disease, wherein she said: “I am much better now and I am grateful to be alive. This experience has taught me a few things. That I should never let my guard down at a time like this, to trust my gut instincts and also that the only person you can really trust is yourself.”

“You can’t rely on other people to keep you safe. Sometimes not even the people closest to you, friends that you think will always have your back,” she added. “You really have to protect yourself because there are people out there who don‘t care if you get infected. Please be vigilant as you can catch the virus so easily.”

But it was during her interview with DZRH’s Showbiz Talk Ganern on Tuesday, November 24, that she revealed how she discovered her friends’ “true colors” because of her terrifying experience.

Na-realize ko na you really cannot trust even your friends. Because you really have to expect na not everyone is gonna think like you. Not everyone wants to protect other people,” she shared.

“You really have to be careful in a pandemic like this, you cannot trust everyone talaga. Kasi, they’re gonna be those people na they don’t care if they get other people sick. And they don’t care to infect other people or their parents, grandparents… they really just care about themselves,” she added.

She shared that she may consider letting some of her friends go for the sake of her mental and emotional health. “I’m still very angry with some people and very disappointed as well,” she said. “Because of this pandemic, you really see the true colors of some people. Even friends… you really see their true colors.”

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