Mattel Releases Filipina Barbie

Mattel Releases Filipina Barbie 2


Girls all over the world have grown up playing with Barbies, one of the most popular toys for children. The unbelievably-proportioned blond model with blue eyes has become so famous that dolls featuring other races appeared to appeal to girls wherever they are. The same applies to Filipinas, and Mattel created a new Filipina Barbie for its Global Glamour Collection.

The new Filipina Barbie is called the Mutya Barbie, and has tanned skin and black hair, with a terno inspired by the sampaguita and the sun in the Philippine flag. The terno represents the textiles of the different tribes in the country. She also has earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and a fan. 

According to designer Carlyle Nuera:


Mutya means pearl or beauty or muse; it’s a girl’s name, and is also used in the titles of pageants in the Philippines. Mutya Barbie will have the Kira face sculpt. I know a lot of collectors have a lot of love and nostalgia for that face sculpt, as do I, since that was a face sculpt I grew up with!


Mattel Releases Filipina Barbie


Only 4,400 units of the Mutya Barbie was released early this month. It’s available for $100 (roughly P4,300), and collectors are only allowed to purchase up to five units.

This is not the first Filipina Barbie. In the past, Mattel released Barbies featuring the Santacruzan festival, ethnic groups in the country, and Barbies featuring local weddings and traditions.


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