Mathventure Pledge Drive 2020 Unfurls Online During the Pandemic

Writeup by Kahlil C. Garcia
Poster by Dino Mirasol

The Ateneo Mathematics Society, Ateneo de Manila’s organization for math majors and enthusiasts, is currently holding and accepting kind-hearted pledges for one of its main advocacy projects and initiatives this year which is Mathventure Pledge Drive (MPD) 2020-2021. The pledge drive aims to uphold and share the organization’s advocacy in Math education, excellence, and appreciation. Moreover, one of its primary goals is to raise funds for Mathventure, one of the organization’s flagship projects, which is an entertaining and engaging mathematics camp for Junior High School students.

AMS MPD Event Poster

The pledge drive was previously known as Mathsaya Pledge Drive and aside from projecting the organization’s main advocacy efforts, it also funded AMS’s old flagship project Camp Mathsaya. This was a free-of-charge, two (2) day educational and fun camp for Public High School students. During the previous academic year, the organization merged these two projects and audiences together into one big Math camp called Mathventure Camp. Although said project format and structure were subject to changes, the allocation of funds will be going to the same students to support their needs and materials for their participation in the event.

The project started to release its pre-pledge form on October 6, although the project proper was commenced on October 8, 2020, and will be ending on November 8, 2020. Ateneo Mathematics Society adjusted with the current times by shifting its main platforms to continue with its projects, advocacy, and communications efforts. Mathventure Pledge Drive, therefore, is primarily and currently running through online media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The project has shifted from being a week-long initiative to a month-long cause to give the Ateneo community and the public the opportunity to support its advocacies and students. This year’s MPD is made more interesting through its current theme which is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Online platforms used for the pledge drive proper will include, aside from pledge forms and primer, promotional materials and announcements starting on the 9th of October. On October 12, acknowledgements for all the weekly pledgers will be relayed through our Facebook Page. Additionally, a Facebook live event will be streamed through the same page on the 7th of November to partially conclude the pledge drive. These events will keep our audience, volunteers and the entire community engaged and informed about the advocacy and pledging processes.

This year’s pledge drive is currently headed and handled by Joyce Anne Co, 2 BSM AMF, and Kahlil Garcia, 4 AB PSY together with the support of the organization’s Marketing and Sales Office heads Dominique Dizon, 3 BSM AMF and Cha Rev Cruz, 3 BSM AMF. The rest of the core team members are made up of current AMS members who are handling and working on the project proper such as order/pledge information, pledges, designs, and the likes. The promotions and design making team is composed of Nina Gorospe, 3 BS HS and Dino Mirasol, 4 BS MA. Logistical concerns and materials are handled by Sofia Verzosa Romero 3 BS PSY, Angela Carabeo, 3 BSM AMF, Halle Bata, 2 BSM AMF, and Geordine Aguilar, 2 AB DS. Other matters in the project, such as finances and clerical/communications work, are handled by Jacob Gonzales Lim, 2 BS AMDSc, as finance associate, and Wyonna Alvarez, 2 BSM AMF, and Hans Wong, 2 AB Dip IR, as secretariat team members. 

For more information about the pledge drive and for the chance to support the initiative, you may check out and view our official accounts on Facebook (, on Twitter under the AMS Infinitweet account ( and Instagram under the AMStore account ( For information about pledges and the advocacy, you may view our pledge primer: