Matamis na Oo: These Cheesecakes are Memorable in Both Name and Taste

Many online sellers have popped up during the pandemic; Matamis na Oo is just one of them. Born out of a love and passion for food – desserts and cheesecakes, in particular – there is more to the story behind this brand, though.

Two-thirds (2/3) of Matamis na Oo are actually contemporary visual artists who have found a “different medium” in which to express their creativity – from coming up with their brand name and recipe development to naming their cakes to capturing food shots and writing captions. While brainstorming for a name, Matamis na Oo was unanimously agreed upon because it’s fun, witty, and interesting, and a familiar phrase to Filipinos. “We had even more fun coming up with flavor names,” they add.

Matamis Na Oo Cheesecakes

Photo from Matamis Na Oo

Matamis na Oo is their ECQ baby. Although they have always wanted to put up their own cafe, being on lockdown became a catalyst for the idea to become a reality. The lockdown was the perfect avenue for the team to research and develop their own recipes. Fueled by passion and with perfection as the goal, they did not stop until the cheesecake flavors that they baked got the approval of all of the founders.

The flavors of Matamis na Oo reflect the founders’ favorites – what they love and what they enjoy.

Matamis Na Oo Blueberry Cheescake

Photo from Matamis Na Oo

Their blueberry cheesecake, Loverboy Blue, has a lavender infusion to it, so you will get a light, floral taste with every bite. This adds real depth to this particular cheesecake’s flavor profile.

Matamis Na Oo Strawberry Cheesecake

Photo from Matamis Na Oo

What makes Matamis na Oo unique is the fact that almost all of their cheesecakes have a nutty crust that adds some crunch and texture to each cheesecake. You can get their cheesecakes in 6×2″ tin cans at Php650. The classic cheesecake, Oldskul Harana, is priced at Php600.

Matamis Na Oo Oreo Cheesecake

Photo from Matamis Na Oo

Other flavors include Labyu So Matcha, which is a reflection of their love for matcha; Loyal Tru Orange, which smells so good and is quickly becoming a bestseller; and classic Pinoy favorites like Yema Sweetheart and Mango-goyong Jelly. Make sure to follow Matamis na Oo on social media to get first dibs every time they introduce new flavors!

Matamis na Oo

Instagram: @matamisnaoo_

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