Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms Brings Out Your Inner Detective

Tired of going to the mall and doing the same thing every weekend? If you’re looking for an adventure that won’t hurt your pocket, then you should definitely try Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms– the first theatrical escape room in the Philippines!

Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms Brings Out Your Inner Detective00002

Do you live for drama and intrigue? Do you often imagine yourself as someone like Sherlock? With the promise to test your wits and deductive reasoning skills (and even your friendship), Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms has created a room full of pressure-inducing puzzles and mystery, amped up by an actor manipulating the players’ every move.

Here is the challenge: You and your team will be locked inside a room by the dangerous cult leader, Commander Skullhead, who will give you an hour to finish all the puzzles and escape the room. Sounds simple enough but it won’t be easy.

Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms Brings Out Your Inner Detective00003

Inspired by social issues like terrorism and bullying, Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms aims to promote peace and understanding through its story line. I won’t say anything else about the story because I don’t want to spoil you; you have to finish the game and unravel the story yourself.

Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms Brings Out Your Inner Detective00001

What’s also cool about the whole experience is that players have the freedom to interact with the actors and maybe even trick them into giving the players clues. It’s really a test of how witty you are and how well you work as a team. It’s actually better if you could bring out your inner actor as well and play along with the plot. It’s a theatrical escape room after all.

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My friends and I tried it for you and let me tell you this- our brains were definitely tested. Now, we’re not the smartest bunch but we’re not completely incapable either; the puzzles were truly challenging. There were moments where we almost gave up because we were spending too much time trying to solve a particular puzzle as we felt the clock ticking away.Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms Brings Out Your Inner Detective00005

The game is not for the weak of heart; you will be blind-folded and locked in a room with your hands tied behind your back. There’s also the possibility of touching live animals and getting soaked in water (if you’re not careful). It’s going to be dark, dank and intimidating but the gratifying feeling of being able to solve the puzzles and finish the story will be worth it.

If you ever find yourself playing the game, here’s a tip for you: Talk to Commander Skullhead and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms

 Harrison Plaza, Manila