LOOK: This Massager Will Help You De-Stress as You Work From Home

If there’s one thing I still miss from pre-pandemic life, it’s getting a massage at the end of an incredibly stressful day. Since I’m single, I don’t have anyone to ask to massage me when my shoulders or back are killing me, either. :p Enter Naipo’s oCuddle.

oCuddle 1

Lesley Villanueva shares that her friends in the States would always rave about their Naipo massagers, but she couldn’t find them here in the Philippines. Although she thought of ordering from the US and having it shipped here, it would simply be too pricey and too much of a hassle. What she did instead was get in touch with the Naipo global sales team, and she and her husband decided to bring the brand to the Philippines.

“Of course, I wanted to bring in the bestsellers, but I also wanted unique products that the Filipino audience would appreciate,” Lesley shares. “We wanted products that are multi-use, convenient, and stylish for the discerning Filipino buyer.” The “o” series – oCuddle, oCuddle Plus, oPillow Plus, and oCuZen – make use of patented technologies, as well as ergonomic and stylish designs.

oCuddle 2

I have tried the oCuddle – and I must say: I wish I had discovered this gem sooner. As a work-from-home mom who juggles several jobs at once and spends half of her days in front of a computer at a work desk, this product is a useful and convenient way to de-stress without having to set aside extra time for it. Yes, that’s right. You can use this nifty device as you work or even while doing other things – amazing!

oCuddle 3

The oCuddle looks great, too. In fact, you can get a massage during a Zoom meeting and people wouldn’t be the wiser. 😉 It’s also easy to bring around or lend to other people (though I wouldn’t recommend the latter as they might not return it haha). Plus, it’s easy to fold up and store in a closet or wherever you have a little bit of space. Whether you have an active lifestyle or simply need a moment of relaxation, this massager is definitely a great buy with deep-kneading massage nodes that mimic the movement and pressure of a Shiatsu massage, FocalHeat Technology, and ergonomic features.

oCuddle 4

At Naipo, their mission is to provide affordable, comfortable, and reliable massage products that utilize modern technologies and support healthier lifestyles. They provide products that will bring comfort, health, and happiness to your home – and you deserve it. They’ll soon be available on Lazada and Shopee, as well, for the utmost convenience. They’ve got more than just the oCuddle, too, so check out their products and find one that suits your needs and lifestyle best.

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