Marry Me at Marriott: Most Coveted Bridal Show

The biggest wedding event of the year happens on July 19, 2016 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila, featuring an exciting sneak peek of luxurious thrills and exciting surprises for couples looking to celebrate forever.

Aside from a fabulous fashion show highlighting creations by top local designers Mark Bumgarner, Francis Libiran, Ryan Madamba and Cary Santiago, the fourth edition of Marry Me at Marriott will showcase the hotel’s Grand Ballroom as the premiere venue to make wedding dreams come true.

Mark Bumgarner Marriott Manila

Mark Bumgarner

Francis Libiran Marriott Manila

Francis Libiran

Ryan Madamba Marriott Manila

Ryan Madamba

Cary Santiago Marriott Manila

Cary Santiago

With opulent interiors and innovative technology, the ballroom is the perfect venue to celebrate romantic unions and other special occasions. Among the breathtaking technological capabilities that will be highlighted in Marry Me at Marriott is the Grand Ballroom’s Skyfold Technology, a pioneering partitioning system that provides a state-of-the-art soundproof system within each space. This not only enhances the acoustics within each section, but it also prevents those in adjacent sections from hearing what’s going on, paving the way for a good reveal for a more thrilling program.

marry Me at Marriott Stage Marriott Manila

Further enhancing the event experience are 176 programmable pillow lights and adjustable ceiling lights that change into 360 colors. The system also allows adjusting the ceiling height from 12 meters to 10 meters, providing utmost flexibility for different kinds of events. Each section is also equipped with its own professional high steel platforms, catwalk structures, and 9 utility boxes that provide exhibition suppliers with data, internet, water, and even drainage.

Feast For The Eyes

The venue’s high ceiling makes it possible to think over-the-top, to impress and delight wedding guests. On the day of the event, dramatic parachute drops of luscious pralines will excite guests and audiences. To make sure everyone will have a prime view of the enthralling show, the hotel will use its 3ft x 8ft riser panels that can fit 5 seats and can be stacked up to 11 panels, making it possible to sit up to 1056 persons on a bleacher style setup. Moreover, the latest video-mapping technology will add more drama to the show; imagine dancing under the cloudy afternoon sky during your evening gathering or celebrating under the starry night without really losing the roof of the grand ballroom. Now that’s how Marriott exceed guest’s expectations!

Marriott Grand Ballroom Skyfold technology Marriott Manila

Other gustatory delights await, with 6 varieties of wedding cakes by the Marriott chefs, with sizes ranging from 32 to 50 inches. The six cakes are beautifully designed to stand as the centerpiece of the wedding celebrations. For the event, the hotel crafted awe-inspiring elegant statements telling different love stories: The Grand Gazebo is a lofty 32-inch garden inspired cake complete with a 45-inch wide pool at the bottom for truly elegant and well-crafted floating illusion effect, while the Match Made in Heaven cake stands 35 inches tall, with delicately hand-painted cherubs and is topped with a sugar harp to complete its angelic feel.

David Cake Marriott Manila

David Cake 2 Marriott Manila

The 35-inch Happily Ever After narrates a couple’s love story with each of its 5 tiers, while the 50 First Dates is a cute summer inspired 36-inch tall cake with seashells and drift wood design with a swing topper. Two Turtle Doves is a romantic 4-tier cake with peonies and is inspired by the turtle dove, which symbolizes love and faithfulness because they mate for life, working to build nests and raise their young together, just as couples do when they enter matrimony.

The pièce de résistance is The First Dance, a 5-tier cake standing a towering 52 inches, containing an all-white butterfly array, rose petals and a silhouette couple and chandelier, both painted by hand.

Love At First Bite

Since its launch, the Grand Ballroom has become a popular venue for Chinese weddings, with the hotel introducing its top chefs for delectable and authentic Chinese cuisine at its 136-seater Man Ho Restaurant. Man Ho offers Cantonese dishes expertly prepared by industry veteran Chef Law Wing Wui.

Chef Law, a Hong Kong native has 35 years of experience throughout Asia and previously launched Man Ho restaurants at JW Marriott Hotels in Shanghai and Seoul as well as spending 2 decades honing his craft on the Hong Kong dining scene.

WW_Man Ho Private Dining Marriott Manila

The gastronomical offerings at the event are overseen by well-loved Executive Chef Meik Brammer, whose specialties include several opulent palate pleasers for discerning tastes. Among the offerings for the Marry Me At Marriott event are starters of Chinese Pork Knuckle with Jelly Fish and Vegetable Bean Curd Skin Rolls; cold station servings of Salmon Tatare in Squid Ink Crispy Crepe, Chicken Liver in Port Wine Jelly and Apple Compote, Chicken Dinakdakan in Pandan Wrap; and a live station featuring Gambas with Parsley Rice with choices for Lemon Butter Sauce, Bourbon Sauce, Pesto, and Herb Butter, and Steam Ship of Beef with Mashed Potato and Organic Vegetables. Decadent dessert choices include Matchamisu in White Passion Cone, White Calamansi Brownie, and Chocolate Moeulleux tarts.

More Than Just A Show To Remember.

From intimate gatherings for 50 to a grand affair for 2,500 guests, Marriott Manila can accommodate almost any kind of request with its flexible wedding packages and spaces to cater to couple’s unique needs.

The hotel’s world-class catering services offer a superb choice of wedding menus to please any discerning palate. Whether it’s a set dinner or a 13-course luxurious Lauriat Menu, the award-winning culinary team is perfectly paired with unrivaled banquet service.

Marriott Grand Ballroom features 28 versatile rooms that range from small meeting spaces to a 3,000-square meter main ballroom, which can easily accommodate 4,000 guests for cocktails and 2,500 for banquet set-up when fully utilized.
Smaller ballrooms, Diplomatic Hall and Ceremonial Hall are perfect venues for 200 guests and below with wedding suites and private gardens.

Whatever kind of dream wedding scenario a couple may have, Marriott Hotel Manila can help turn those dreams into a reality.

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