Marquina Shoemaker: The Glory Days of Marikina are Back!

We often remember the glory days of Marikina City, Philippines’ Shoe Capital. It was so famous that the city was even known as the Shoe Capital of Asia back in the ‘60s (Marcos Era). People loved the shoes for their intricate designs and guaranteed durability. However, have you ever wondered how it’s doing now?

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Stan Smiths, NMDs, Ultra Boosts, basic white shoes—you name it; everyone wants to wear them. You can’t blame people for patronising those kinds of shoes, though. Millennials are always up-to-date with the trends. If they see that most people are talking about it, they will want in. To add to that, those shoes are more durable compared to the ones we produce locally nowadays.

Museo ng Marikina – Old-time Marikina Heritage

The Pride of Asia in Shoemaking

It’s a challenge to regain shoemaking in the country, especially with so many imports. However, three men believe that the shoe industry in the Philippines can still reach its prime and thus provide world-class craftsmanship. These men strive to change our mentality towards our own products. Meet Marquina Shoemaker.

Marquina Shoemaker aims to offer classic shoes for the modern men. Their shoes are handcrafted by the finest shoemakers in the Philippines using the best quality local materials to create shoes notable for their patterns, designs, and innovation. That is what sets them apart. Marquina Shoemaker is all about taking pride in the quality shoes that Marikina offers and redefining them to suit what men right now are looking for.

Marquina ShoemakerMarquina Shoemaker

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