Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon Sing in Disguise in NY Subway

This isn’t the first time Jimmy Fallon sang in disguise at one of the busiest places in New York, the subway. He’s performed with Miley Cyrus and more!

As we all know, New York is a fast-paced city with little to no time spent for entertainment. Thankfully, Fallon wittingly graced the NY people with a mini Maroon 5 concert!

Adam Levine captured the NY peeps with his outstanding voice when he sang Elvis Prestley’s “A Thing Called Love.” In the video, you’ll see people starting to gather up to pause and enjoy the moment. Little did they know the band playing was Maroon 5 along with Jimmy Fallon! They sang one of their hits “Sugar.”

To give a little sweetness in your life, watch the video here:

Jimmy’s surprise performances will definitely change your “train of thought.”

What’s your favorite Jimmy Fallon NYC Subway performance? Share them below!


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