Marketing with a Purpose: Join UP JMA MarkEd 2017!

The UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA) proudly presents this year’s flagship event, MarkEd 2017: Marketing the Next Big Solution. It is a two-part event consisting of a Pop-Up Lectures and two-day Summit and Competition which highlights the use of marketing as a tool in driving positive social change. The event is open to senior high school students all over Metro Manila.

What is UP JMA and MarkEd? UP JMA is a student organization based at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. It is the reigning Outstanding Junior Marketing Organization of the Philippines, with award-winning events in multiple categories of the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) Marketista Awards – including last year’s Major Marketing Event (MME). MME, now known as MarkEd, is our public education arm that promotes the significance of our core competency – marketing. Every year, we aim for disruptive social impact.

What makes MarkEd 2017 special? This year’s theme is in support of on social startups – that is, startups driven by their social responsibility efforts. We believe that the best way to extend the difference these startups have made is through providing a platform for the youth’s revolutionary ideas. In an effort to make marketing education more accessible, MarkEd 2017 will include two lectures and workshops around Metro Manila. Participants will then get to create a feasible and effective marketing plan.

How does MarkEd 2017 work? Students are invited to attend a Pop-Up Lecture and the Culminating Marketing Summit. The Pop-Up Lectures will serve as an introduction for the main event. Each lecture will be held on November 11 and November 18, 2017 from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. Don’t know much about marketing or startups yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our talks will range from basics on startups to what marketing is like today and how it’s applied in the real world. They will be held by some of the best mentors from the Philippine startup industry.

The two-day Summit and Competition on November 25-26, 2017 at UP Diliman, from 9:30am to 5:30pm will be the chance to test out your skills. Day 1 will include more talks and a mentorship program, while Day 2 will be for you to share the next big solution through a case competition.

Now, all you need is a few minutes to apply! You just need to sign-up individually or with a team of two to four friends via! A fee of Php400 is inclusive of one lecture, entrance to the Culminating Summit, and food and drinks. Participation in the Pop-Up Lecture will be Php100. All proceeds will go to UP JMA’s main beneficiary, the Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (KIDS) program.

This November, join us as we market the next big solution. #MarkEd2017 #MarketingWithaPurpose

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